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5 Signs of Liver Detox Working

The liver is one of the main organs responsible for the body’s detoxification. It is a silent but powerful partner that helps us digest our food, detoxify our bodies, produce blood cells, and produce bile. Although the liver is the body‘s natural detoxifier, it still needs special care if you want to keep it healthy. Because it is continuously exposed to certain chemicals, heavy metals or toxic substances from what we eat, breathe or drink. 

You can have many health benefits through a liver detox, and if you do it at a detox center with medical support, you can quickly notice signs of liver detox working.

What Can Damage the Liver?

The most harmful things to liver health include environmental toxins (such as pesticides), infectious organisms (like hepatitis viruses), alcohol, and poor diet (like too much sugar). Exposure to environmental toxins can slow down the liver’s ability to detoxify and deactivate toxic substances.

When our liver has a toxic load, it affects our liver health, liver function and our overall health. The toxic load in the liver can also cause nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, weight gain and liver damage in the long term. That’s why regular liver detoxification is essential for a healthy liver. 

What is a Liver Detox?

A liver detox is a process where you don’t consume any processed foods, limit your alcohol consumption, give your digestive system a rest and trigger your body’s natural detoxification ability through detox diets.

If you join a cleansing program that includes eating a healthy diet, taking supplements that will help detoxify your liver, and following a natural therapy regimen, you’ll get the best results from a liver detox. With this method, you can have a clear liver that works at its best. But how do you know if your liver is detoxifying properly? Let’s discover the most common signs of liver detox working together.

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Common Signs of Liver Detox Working

1. Healthy Weight Loss

A healthy weight loss is one of the most common signs of liver detox working. Doing a liver detox can help you reduce your calorie intake. This way, your liver starts to break down fat cells faster, which aids in healthy weight loss.

Persistent organic pollutants, often called toxins, are usually found in food or products that we use and load into our bodies due to an unhealthy lifestyle. If we don’t detoxify regularly, our body’s ability to remove toxins reduces, and we can have a hard time losing weight. 

If the liver is functioning correctly, it will be more capable of eliminating toxins from the body before storing them in fat cells. However, if the liver is not functioning well, you cannot digest the food efficiently, especially fats. Therefore a liver cleanse can help you lose weight. Furthermore, losing weight can decrease liver fat and inflammation caused by the fat and help prevent and treat NAFLD (nonalcoholic fatty liver disease).

2. Clearer & Glowing Skin

A glowing appearance on the skin is one of the most noticeable signs of liver detox working. A liver detox could help clear skin problems and give you a natural, healthy glow. With a clean and healthy liver, you can notice that blemishes, itches and hyper­pigmentation start to fade away.

Poorly functioning livers can lead to acne, dryness, and aging. Aside from toxins, the liver deals with hormones. Hormonal imbalance can lead to hormone-related symptoms like breakouts and skin rashes. When you detox your liver, it will lead your liver to work better, hormones to be balanced, and skin to be clearer. Clearer and glowing skin is also one of the signs that a kidney detox is working.

signs of liver detox working

3. Healthy Digestion

Better bowel movements, reduced bloating, diarrhea, constipation, cramping, and gas are signs of liver detox working because a toxin-free and healthy liver can easily regulate digestion, metabolism, and protein synthesis.

Stomach acid is essential for digestion and nutrient absorption. Many people don’t produce enough stomach acid and become nutrient-deficient, which slows the transformation of specific toxins in the liver. When we can’t digest the food properly, it creates toxins in the digestive tract that need to be eliminated. Moreover, bloating and nausea can occur if the liver doesn’t deal with these toxins.

A juice detox with a high nutrient profile, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants can improve stomach acid and digestion and stimulate the vagus nerves, activating the digestive organs. This way, you can improve the function of your liver and eliminate gut problems, risk of liver diseases and have a healthier metabolism.

4. Better Mental and Emotional State

Higher energy levels and boosted mental and emotional mood are signs of liver detox working. 

The liver is a metabolic organ that governs body energy metabolism, and toxins in the liver impair physical functions. For example, if you often nap, feel sluggish even after seven hours of sleep, or suffer from sleeping problems, then these are signs that your liver still has a toxic load.

If you feel lighter, fresher, and more energized during or after a liver detox, this shows that there aren’t any circulating toxins in your liver. 

5. Decreased Inflammation

Toxins in the body produce free radicals, which can cause inflammation and tissue damage in the liver. When the liver isn’t functioning properly, toxins build up, interact with cells, trigger inflammation, and cause disease. A good liver detox can help reduce inflammation and prevent inflammatory diseases such as fatty liver.

When inflammation in the body and liver is reduced, swelling, bloating, pain and stiffness in the joints and knees disappear. Your energy levels increase, and your mood improves. These are signs of liver detox working.

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How to Do a Liver Detox?

TheLifeCo Liver Cleanse Program is specially designed to improve liver function, detoxify your liver and rejuvenate liver cells. This program includes liver cleanses, a balanced diet including natural foods, nutritional supplements, and on-site medical care.

If you are interested in detox and want to learn more about it, you can download our Green Detox Guide for beginners.

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