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6 Ways to Wind Down for Better Sleep

The basis of healthy sleep is winding down. A lifestyle you wind down will help improve your sleep quality by reducing stress.

Sleep quality factors include nutrition, intense stress, and lack of daily physical activity. Changing the daily practices in your life becomes the first step to healthy sleep.

So how can we improve our sleep quality? For this, using all hours of the day effectively and in a balanced way, having certain routines and taking care of your diet can be your priorities for efficient sleep. Among the benefits of the modern world is a stressful and fast life for all of us. It is necessary to wind down a little to reduce sleep problems.

Let’s look together 6 ways to wind down for better sleep!

How to Wind Down in 6 Steps

1. Avoid foods that cause sleep problems

Caffeine, nicotine, and theine are stimulants that keep you awake for a long time. Refined sugar, excessive carbohydrate consumption and consuming heavy foods at dinner also make digestion difficult and prolong the transition period to sleep.

Therefore, to improve sleep quality, it is necessary not to consume these substances 3 hours before going to sleep. Winding your meal routine is also very important for your sleep quality.

2. Reduce alcohol consumption

It is necessary to keep alcohol consumption to a minimum to wind down for better sleep. Even if you fall asleep quickly after consuming alcohol, your sleep quality will be shallow, and alcohol will cause you to wake up tired.

3. Take steps to reduce the level of stress in your life

One of the most common causes of sleep problems is the low secretion of the hormone serotonin. Therefore, the solutions you will create to minimize the stress level in your daily life will also help you sleep better. Adding calming physical activities to our daily routines, such as yoga and walking, will not tire you out and help you control your sleep patterns by the wind down.

wind down

4. Do your exercises in the morning

Being on the move during the day or adding fitness to your routine will help you sleep better while keeping you fresh throughout the day. Your exercise hours affect your sleep quality. For this reason, it is essential not to do heavy movements close to sleep and to rest your muscles. Try choosing moderate and heavy exercise daily and leave mild before bedtime.

5. Avoid daytime naps

The key to quality sleep is night sleep. Because all our hormones are refreshed during night sleep. When you organize your daily routines well and avoid sleeping during the day, you start to wind down in the evening. This improves your night’s sleep quality. Daytime sleep can create fatigue during the day and an obstacle to a good night’s sleep.

6. Pay attention to sleep hygiene

Sleep routines are indispensable for your sleep quality. Studies show that many details, from the bedroom’s temperature to the light used, disrupt sleep hygiene and make it difficult to sleep. The bedroom should be as quiet and unlit as possible.

Room temperature should be reduced as much as possible and stimuli such as television and mobile phones should be avoided before falling asleep. To improve your sleep quality, you can use your favorite essential oils in your room to calm you down. Fragrances such as lavender and lemon balm can be a good option for better sleep.

In this article, we told you 6 ways to wind down for better sleep. Pay attention to the place of sleep in your daily routine. The first step to a quality day is quality sleep!