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7 Surprising Celebrities Who Juice

Greens are on the go nowadays! Especially with the health-conscious celebs out there. Health and glow come first for a star.

A lot of them are now seen with their green smoothies in town. First it was one or two here and there, but now the citing have become quite common and healthy lifestyle sure looks like it is suiting them.

And now the press has been taking a roundup of the new celebs caught with their cold-pressed juices in tow. And here’s a few of them.

Owen Wilson
Well this one we could not have guessed, definitely right?

Not one to follow trends, Owen Wilson currently did break the spell with going on a juice diet like the rest of the clan. Even with his age, the actor seems to be more than fit and keeping up to par with everyone else.

He was seen last year purchasing loads of oranges from Organic Avenues, hint hint.

Nicole Richie
Being a Mom, really does turn you around. Doesn’t it? Nicole left her life of partying with her best friend, Paris Hilton and has been opting for better and healthier options since she has become a mother. Also, her new gig at the Fashion Star has taken off and definitely it is suiting her well.

Mark Teixeira
No one expected this one coming through the door. A very famous Yankee’s player going on a juice cleanse, well that’s news. He says that before training for a season he goes on a juice cleanse instead of hard at the gym. It helps the body rejuvenate before a long term ahead of training.

Blake Lively
Being a new mom, and one of the top most model/actor around, she has been spotted with different juice cleanses. A body that turns heads now also is an inspiration for going on the juice diet. All girls now look up to her after her Gossip Girl performance on TV.

Edward Norton
Another reason for Edward to go green! Health and Hulk may not be synonyms, but this Incredible Hulk star stays true to its colors and opts for a healthier lifestyle behind the scenes too.

He not only keeps healthy but shows it off by running for the New York City marathon and gives all credit to the daily juice dose.

Kim Cattrall
The Sex and the City Actor does brink drinks to the table but not the ones you might be expecting. The drinks are green and clean, more healthy than wealthy. She has been using the Blueprint juices and has fallen in love with the juice diet.

Colin Farrell
The tough guy also follows a tough healthy lifestyle and doesn’t mind flaunting it.

The straight man has set straight his eating habits with a juice diet that helps him stay off the extra calories for a greater on-screen performance.

I guess the Irish really do like the greens?


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