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Detox by Nature

Toxins in food, air, water, and the environment, make cleansing the colon, liver and other organs more important now than ever.

The acceded pollution and toxins may be responsible for damaging effects on the immune system, which makes us highly susceptible to chronic degenerative conditions. The good news is that specific methods, foods, and biological circadian rhythm naturally help the body achieve a cleansing effect and better health.

Detox methods, programs, diets, herbs, juicing, and water fasting may seem like a modern-day health trend. Still nevertheless, ancient societies have used natural cleansing methods to detoxify the body for thousands of years. Some religions advise people to undergo fasting for cleansing the body and the mind to support spiritual practices.

It’s important to understand that accelerated toxin removal, even in natural ways, will not benefit you if you continue to intoxicate your body. It is just a vicious circle.

These days exposure to environmental toxins, refined and processed foods, sugars, MSG, yeast, pasteurized and non-organic dairy products, alcohol, and starches have reached alarming points and sadly continues to increase. Therefore, the most important thing you can do for your body is focus and reduce daily toxin exposure and support your internal body clock and function.
Although some regions of the body, like the heart, can govern their function to some degree, there is strong evidence that the body clock plays a significant role in controlling many of these fluctuations over 24 hours.

Modern-day science studied and confirmed the importance of Circadian Rhythm, its vital function and effects on health, natural cleanse, overall wellbeing and longevity.

Keeping the body’s natural schedule on track as much as possible is the most important method we can apply every day. Practice good sleep hygiene, and stick to a sleep schedule that works well for your body to keep the system in its natural rhythm.

During the night of detoxification, organs take turn to process and filter out toxins for elimination, which is why the first thing you need to do upon waking up is to use the bathroom.

Our body is magnificently and intelligently designed to undergo complex chemical and physiological processes every second. Therefore, when we have a good sleep and rest well combined with the proper nutrition, it can truly heal our body.

According to traditional Chinese Medicine ‘Meridian Clock’, there is a rhythm in the body’s cycle – timings play a vital role and effect what can be done to facilitate organ function and intrinsic homeostasis.

Each meridian comes into its highest action at a specific time of the day, in blocks of about two hours. Understanding these timings and supporting them will support your body’s optimal and natural detoxification and healing ability.

The liver is one of the most important detox organs – we must be in bed by at least 11pm to reach a deep restorative sleep phase to support the liver resting function between 1am to 3am.
Not supporting this timing in the long-term may cause hormonal dysfunction, premature aging and other reproductive system, liver diseases and depression.

Your Lungs receive an additional boost of energy while sleeping between 3am to 5am for extra cleansing and are replenished for the day ahead. If you have a cough or respiratory problem, you may often wake up about this time as your lungs are expelling toxins.

The Large Intestine becomes active between 5am and 7am for the first healthy bowel movement following detoxification. Drink a glass of room temperature or warm water to help the bowels to move along. It is not good to drink coffee because it has diuretic properties and may hinder the elimination process. This in return, may cause problems like sinus, weight gain and skin allergies.

The Bladder is active between 3pm to 5pm, which is when metabolic wastes are cleared. Drinking plenty of water with herbal tea and green juice will help your bladder move. These fluids are also beneficial for kidney cleansing in the next phase.

Circadian rhythm and the internal clock will provide you with the important tools you need, you can take advantage of doing the right thing at the right time for your body instead of working against your body’s rhythm. Every day or night that we don’t support our rhythm, toxins accumulate, causing us problems silently and progressively inflicting sickness and hindering the cleansing process.

Donatas Certovskich – Raw Vegan Chef at The Life Co