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Does Detox Reverse Diabetes?

The modern age could easily be defined as the era of metabolic disease. Reaching pandemic proportions, the incidence of chronic illness borne from poor dietary and lifestyle choices continues to increase, and the conventional medical world awaits these patients with open arms – ready to prescribe drugs which only treat the symptoms, and never the root causes of failing health. On this blog we will talk about detox for diabetes type 2.

Somewhere along the way, we have disregarded our intuition – that a life full of vitality and energy is achieved by continually striving to create balance. If we do not mindfully eat, breath, move and live, our bodies take over in a quest called homeostasis. In the case of diabetes (type 2), we are made to believe that the issue is caused by resistance to sugar-lowering hormone. At this point, it is so important to realize this resistance is a condition which we are personally responsible for – occurring because we have flooded our cells with too much sugar. In essence, it is the body’s way of protecting itself, because if we eat too many foods which are broken down into glucose – the biophysical consequences are fatal.

What does sugar-reducing hormone do?
For a glucose molecule to get into our cells, it needs sugar-reducing hormone. This hormone is secreted by the pancreas and could be likened to the key that opens the door into our cells. Without this hormone, glucose remains in the blood – and in the case of diabetes, the body is unable to convert the food that we eat into energy, because, in response to the potentially fatal levels of elevated blood sugar, our cells become resistant to sugar reducing hormone. Effectively it is like dying of thirst while being on a raft in the ocean, surrounded by water, but unable to drink.

It is foolish to believe that treating resistance of sugar reducing hormone in isolation holds the answer – functionally speaking, we must discover why the condition occurred in the first place and alter our diet and lifestyles to correct it. By completely cutting out the foods which caused an over-abundance of glucose in the blood, the issue can usually be quickly and effectively resolved. The most effective way to reset the body and change our biochemistry is through fasting and detox. After this, we have the perfect foundation to alter our diets and lifestyles to prevent the disease reoccurring and stay off the medication which most patients end up taking for life.

What is a Detox Diet?

A detox diet is a dietary plan that focuses on eliminating toxins from the body and promoting overall health and well-being. It involves consuming specific foods and beverages that are known to support the body’s natural detoxification processes and help remove harmful substances.

detox for diabetes

A Detox for Diabetes is Essential

By embarking on a supervised detox – such as a green juice fast or master cleanse, blood sugar can return to normal levels – at which point, a 21-day raw food program should be followed. Because inflammation and often go hand in hand, it is crucial to effectively cleanse from the foods which contribute to inflammation, not just those which cause high blood sugar levels. Typical allergens include dairy, wheat, alcohol and caffeine – and the best way to eliminate these is by following a medically supervised detox program.

By thoroughly “cleaning the house,” a detox for diabetes has the added benefit of clearing toxins from medication, processed food, herbicides and our environment. These toxins are often stubbornly clinging to our tissues, particularly in the fat cells – which can make it even more challenging to lose weight. With such a strong link between obesity and type 2 diabetes, returning to a healthy weight is of the utmost importance. Because stress is also a trigger for inflammation, taking part in a detox program where active relaxation techniques are taught, is very beneficial. Not only does this contribute to the transformative power of detoxing, but it is also a useful skill to have in our mindfulness toolkits. It is much easier to make good choices regarding our food and lifestyle, after some deep, calming breaths!

Create a healthy life at home as well
During a professional detox for diabetes program, the skills and knowledge required to create a healthy life at home must be learned. Following a deep cleanse, a strict plant-based diet is recommended. Common allergens should be avoided for 21 days – this includes all grains, most fruit (except for berries and green apples) and starchy vegetables and legumes.

Coffee and alcohol should also be abstained from. High fat, plant-based foods can be eaten in abundances – such as raw & soaked nuts and seeds, nut butters, hemp and nut milk, flax and chia seeds and high-quality oils like extra virgin olive oil. The bulk of meals should consist of raw, organically sourced vegetables in all of the colours of the rainbow. Download TheLifeCo green salad program ebook for free to learn about detox for diabetes.

The energy, clarity and feelings of mental and physical lightness following a diabetes program often feel more remarkable than the enormous achievement of becoming diabetes-free. Once this period of cleansing and healthy eating has been completed, returning to a balanced, plant-based diet is encouraged. The principle of 80/20 – 80% raw and 20% cooked food is an excellent maintenance plan. The focus should always be on consuming nutrient-dense foods, especially when reintroducing carbohydrates. Rather than eating bread, pasta, white rice or cooked potatoes, healthier choices such as quinoa, brown rice, sweet potatoes, Ezekial or sprouted bread, kelp noodles, etc.

Get ready for a total lifestyle transformation
Part of the benefit of embarking on a diabetes program and detox for diabetes is the total lifestyle transformation that most patients undergo. Tastes and cravings change – and often the unhealthy foods and drinks that were enjoyed before, become unpalatable. Though some patients do go back to have moderate amounts of dairy or gluten, most find that the brain fog and sluggishness that follows too undesirable. As with all things in life, consistency is vital – so continuing to mindfully make good choices is the only way to remain healthy.

Effects of Detox Programs on Diabetes Symptoms

Detox programs can have a significant impact on diabetes symptoms and overall health. One of the main benefits of these programs is reducing reliance on medications to control blood sugar levels. Individuals can lower their fasting blood glucose, A1c, and cholesterol levels through a detox program under medical supervision.

What sets detox programs apart is the personalized approach and professional monitoring. These programs consider an individual’s specific needs and goals, allowing for a tailored experience that maximizes results. With healthcare professionals’ guidance, participants can receive ongoing support and guidance throughout their detox journey.

Another advantage of detox programs is the opportunity to break free from old habits and adopt new healthy ones. The cycle of self-sabotage can be difficult to overcome, but detox programs provide a structured environment and tools to help individuals rise above it. Not only do these programs address physical health, but they also focus on mental and emotional well-being. By reprogramming the mind, participants can transcend mental and emotional hurdles that may have hindered progress in the past.

Detox programs also offer a chance to overcome roadblocks like procrastination and self-doubt. With the support of professionals and a community of like-minded individuals, participants can find motivation and encouragement to push through challenges. These programs provide a comprehensive approach to improving overall health and well-being.

While detox programs can yield promising results, it’s important to note that they should be approached with caution and under the guidance of healthcare professionals. Each individual’s experience may vary, and it’s essential to consider factors such as medical history and any pre-existing conditions. Consulting with a healthcare provider before starting a detox program is recommended to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Expert Insights and Experiences: Diabetes Treatment and the Role of Detox

Detox for Diabetes at TheLifeCo is a program to transform your life. In type 2 diabetes management and treatment, detox is crucial in transforming lives. At TheLifeCo, our expert doctors have designed an effective diabetes detox program that has helped numerous patients manage and reverse type 2 diabetes but also experience a complete life transformation. Our reputation for detox for diabetes is unmatched, and our medical supervision ensures a safe and reliable journey towards eradicating this disease.

Located on Bodrum and Phuket, our diabetes detox program offers a unique opportunity to relax in nature while significantly improving your health. With TheLifeCo, you can embark on a journey of rejuvenation and vitality, knowing that you are under the care of experienced professionals who are dedicated to your well-being. Embrace a life filled with wellness and vitality at TheLifeCo. Our guest who joined a diabetes detox program at TheLifeCo experienced great results:

“When I was diagnosed with diabetes, I didn’t take it seriously. I continued my unhealthy habits and failed to make any necessary lifestyle changes. It wasn’t until 6 years after my diagnosis, when I started experiencing worsening symptoms that I became concerned. I started using insulin and medication to manage my condition.

I knew I needed to find a definitive solution to my problem, so I started researching detox centers. That’s when I discovered TheLifeCo Bodrum in Turkey. During my stay at the detox center, I lost weight and felt physically and spiritually rejuvenated. With the help of a diabetes coach and physician, I learned about the impact of my diet on my body and made significant lifestyle changes.

I lost weight each day, and my blood sugar levels stabilized. Eventually, I was able to stop using medication for diabetes. My ha1c and liver enzyme values improved significantly, and I began to feel better than ever before.’’ – İdris B.

Frequently Asked Questions About Diabetic Detox

Detox diets are not a quick fix but a method to reset and rejuvenate your body’s systems. They can be effective if you are dedicated and motivated to make a lifestyle change, especially when following a diabetic detox program under medical supervision.
Research has shown that very low-calorie diets can reverse type 2 diabetes for up to six months (source:

Adjusting your diet and shedding excess weight makes it possible to achieve and maintain healthy blood sugar levels without relying on medication.

According to a study conducted between 1990 and 2011, involving 2,625 individuals recently diagnosed with diabetes, about 12% of whom were at a normal weight, it was discovered that the lean patients exhibited similar metabolic characteristics to those who were obese, with the exception of their weight .

Research suggests that there is potential for preventing and reversing type 2 diabetes by focusing on preserving and promoting the health of pancreatic beta cells. (source:

Modifying diet and lifestyle has proven to be successful in reversing prediabetes for some individuals.