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Hormones and Aging

There are a lot of aspects to aging, but when we talk about how to slow down aging, we also need to discuss hormones. Let’s start with an example. If you take a ten year old boy and a ten year old girl, cut their hair to  the same length and let them only wear underwear, you cannot tell who is the boy or the girl just by looking. They would look alike. This is because they are prepubescent and pre hormone. Three years later their bodies and and even their psychology will start to change completely and become clearer. When we become adult humans, our body is exposed to these hormones in varying amounts and proportions depending on whether it’s female or male for 40 – 50 years. Then these hormones will start to decline. When they decline, the body will start to experience a deficiency of these hormones. Then all the tissues that start to lose their integrity, elasticity and viability. So, we start aging.

Toxins Affect Hormones
It is not that we age as hormones decline, but rather the other way around. Because hormones decline by the time we age. Let’s understand why hormones decline. Hormones would decline naturally and normally over some period of time. This time is unknown to us because we no longer  live natural lifestyles. But what we know is that humans that do live closer to the earth and more naturally are still vital and able to reproduce at advanced ages like 80 – 90 years old.

So the decline would occur, but it would occur much more slowly. The reason it occur so quickly is because we don’t live natural lives and we accumulate toxins. When those toxins are accumulated, they accumulated in our endocrine organs, thyroid glands, pituitary glands, adrenal glands, testes, ovaries, all the parts of our body that produce hormones. That is why the decline is much quicker.

A Low-Calorie Diet Slows Aging
What we need to balance hormones are cleansing the body, eating naturally and at appropriate intervals, sleeping, exercise and other healthy choices. Since we grew up in societies where were living unnaturally, our hormones already start to decline probably by the time when we are 30 – 40. That’s why by the time we are 60, we become very old. We can balance hormones by using bioidentical hormones, plant derived hormones,  not synthetic patented pharmaceutical drugs. Indigenous cultures knew this, using yams and other kind of nutritions that had hormone qualities..

Eating properly and in a balanced way for supporting hormones is as important as cleansing the body. A balanced low calorie diet is very beneficial for good hormone levels. Because once weight gain and calorie intake are under control with a low calorie diet, your body can start to rejuvenate itself. Rejuvenating effect of calorie-restriction can reverse aging, Low calorie eating is a powerful way to fight against free radicals which hasten natural aging by damaging the cells. During a low calorie diet, your body can receive a good amount of antioxidants and chlorophyll to neutralize free radicals.

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