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How to Reverse Aging with NAD IV Therapy?

Aging is the biological process of getting older. As we age, our hormone levels decline, and our tissues start to lose their elasticity and vitality. But as a consequence of today‘s modern urban lifestyles, our hormones have already begun to decline by the time they reach their 30s or 40s. Stopping aging is impossible. But well and healthy aging is possible.

After being middle-aged, so many of us start to wonder how to slow down and reverse aging. There are various make-up techniques, cosmetic, surgical and natural methods for anti-aging. This article is about anti-aging properties of NAD, a natural coenzyme that reverses aging naturally on a cellular level and provides many rejuvenating benefits to the body.

What is NAD and why do we need it?

NAD is a coenzyme, found in virtually every cell of the body, that acts as the oxidizing-reducing agent inside the cell and stimulates cell regeneration in our bodies. 

NAD is required by all types of cells in the body to generate cellular energy. Without NAD, our bodies wouldn’t be able to transfer the energy from the foods we eat to vital cell functions, especially in the brain. 

How NAD IV therapy can help us with anti-aging?

Although found in virtually every cell of the body, the levels of NAD in the body steadily decline during aging. Luckily, NAD IV therapy can help increase NAD levels and thus, slow down aging, improve overall life quality, and prevent various age-related diseases.

NAD IV therapy can help decline premature aging when supported with a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating habits, regular exercise, and detoxification, contributing to our longevity.

Here is 4 reasons why you should get NAD IV therapy for anti-aging:

1. NAD IV Therapy helps slow down aging clock

Research has linked the ability of NAD to help protect cells, promote DNA repairs, and potentially extend longevity. Because NAD is needed for the activity of certain enzymes in the brain called SIRTs (SIRT1-7) and SIRTs are linked to increasing memory and cognitive performance and protecting from neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Research also has suggested that SIRT enzymes may contribute to protecting telomeres. Telomeres shorten each time a cell divides until they eventually can’t divide anymore. When this happens, cells die in a way called apoptosis. Increasing NAD+ levels and sIRT1 function may prevent telomeres from shortening, theoretically extending lifespan and slowing aging.

2. NAD IV therapy also provides cognitive enhancement

When we think of preventing or lessening the effects of aging, we should also consider cognitive enhancement. High levels of NAD in the body helps manage age-related changes in cognitive function.

Sirtuins can help improve cells’ resistance to stress and can help slow down the process of cognitive decline. NAD IV therapy provides SIRT1 with the NAD+ cofactor required to improve mental clarity.

intravenous therapies

3. NAD IV therapy shows greater efficacy than oral supplement

Oral supplementation of NAD has less efficacy due to the physiological processing of the digestive system.

NAD IV therapy is an intravenous treatment that administers NAD coenzymes (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) directly into your bloodstream with its anti-aging and other potencies untouched. Direct-delivery of NAD through NAD IV therapy can deliver maximum effectiveness of the NAD coenzyme given and significantly increase NAD levels in the body.

4. NAD IV therapy boosts our body's natural restorative power

NAD IV therapy not only restores your body’s levels of NAD but also speeds up your body’s natural restorative power. The saline solution used in NAD IV therapy helps flush out the free radicals and toxic buildup that contribute to premature skin aging.

Why you should have NAD IV therapy during a detox program?

Instead of trying to reverse the effects of years of damage all at once, frequent detoxification keeps the levels of free radicals in your body minimal, preventing damage over time and slowing your overall rate of aging.

A healthy lifestyle is essential to boost NAD levels naturally. Joining a detox program can allow you to detoxify, rejuvenate and transform more efficiently, and help you better understand well-being, health, and vitality.

You can have NAD IV therapy during a detox program at TheLifeCo. During the detox program, you can exercise, cut down unhealthy eating habits, alcoholic beverages, and cigarette use and have maximum nutritional benefits from raw food while eliminating toxins. This way, you can boost NAD levels in a short time more effectively and switch to a healthier lifestyle.

You can have NAD IV Therapy at TheLifeCo Centers

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