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How to Detox? Six Things You Need to Know!

Body detoxification is well researched and interesting. It has been proposed that the food you eat and your lifestyle are the biggest contributors to your health. Detoxification can help you achieve a clean, toxin free body as it removes all the offending agents and this can be achieved easily if you only start eating better!

Detoxifying and Organic foods
Detoxification cannot come from artificially flavored and processed foods. To properly detoxify, you must consume raw and organic food items. However, these foods are limited in supply and are generally more expensive if they have to be taken regularly. Some of these organic foods help cleanse your gastrointestinal system, your hair and your skin in general. By having healthy, nutrition-rich foods, you will manage to get rid of any toxic effects, especially if you learn to avoid certain foods. These foods are

Excessive fats and cholesterol
Coffee and other caffeine-containing foods
Animal fats

If you want quick results, then follow a daily diet containing fruits and vegetables along with some regular exercise and meditation. Your body will be toxic free within weeks!

Secrets of Detox Food
A majority of people have misconceptions regarding liver functions and how detoxification occurs, giving birth to the idea that there is a trick to making detox food successful. Have you ever wished for the vibrant hair and glowing skin that is advertised on television? Well, the truth is that you can’t feel or look fresh as long as toxins keep piling up in your body.

Californian nutritionists proved in a study conducted recently how regular detox regimens can increase the longevity of life. Dr. Peter Ericson also believes that the key to regaining the vitality your youth is by adhering to detoxification diets and health programs. “By combining a lot of fluid intake with a balanced diet we can adhere to a very beneficial detox regimen. Additionally, it is imperative to sleep at least eight hours a day to boost body functioning and productivity.”

Your body’s reaction to Food
Free radicals are toxic for your body – but beetroots are a great detox food to help you fight them. Beetroots significantly help to detoxify them and clear your whole digestive system.
Another great detox would be dandelions that are superb for your stomach. The cleanse and increase your metabolism as needed. As a matter of fact, dandelions also make your kidney function better and consequently improve the water regulation system.
Consuming artichokes will ensure proper bile juice secretions and serves as a storage for magnesium, vitamins, protein and fiber – This way your liver will feel great too!
Making cabbage a part of your salad is always a good idea because it is low in cholesterol. What’s even better is that it’s also great for your excretory system!

10 “Don’ts” for Detox
Don’t go for a crash diet. You will end up with wrinkles and early aging!
Don’t consume milk containing products for detoxification in case you are lactose intolerant.
Don’t opt for roots or glucomannan powder before consulting a medical professional.
Don’t have your vegetables or fruits raw because God knows what dangerous bacteria they may contain.
Don’t go for nuts or their mixed combinations such as raisins or almonds, especially if you’re running high on cholesterol levels, because they are not always good for you.
Don’t confuse the carbohydrates and proteins. Know what it is!
Don’t go for all sorts of drinks such as grass juice or any related beverages because they are capable of damaging your whole digestion process.
Don’t use any probiotics if you’ve had any allergies in the past because they are capable of producing an acidic reaction.
Don’t let yourself be fooled by sugar. Sugar in all its various forms is still sugar, whether it’s brown or refined.
Don’t go for everything you find on the internet. Follow the basic rules and don’t go for every promotional mail that talks about detoxification.

Avoid mistakes!
Do not rush the time-consuming detox process!
You can always start fresh with every new day; there is no finish line you must cross.
Crash dieting with the just liquid intake is more harmful than beneficial.
Always consult a qualified nutritionist before making such drastic dietary changes.
Do not rely on artificial supplements, or topical creams to detox.
What suits someone else may not suit your body. Design your program according to you.
There is no mystery drink that will suddenly cleanse your kidney or liver. Discard the myths!
Go slow with the detox. Rushing it will only worsen health and fitness worries.
Always be well-versed in your illnesses and their treatment before talking to anyone about a detox program.

Great for Kids
As kids grow, so does their nutritional requirements and detox foods can be especially beneficial by strengthening their bones and aiding the proper functioning of organs like the brain and kidneys.

You can help lessen children’s aversion to vegetables while ensuring adequate nutrition, by incorporating colorful vegetables into foods like pizzas or burgers.
Be extra vigilant when medicating your children with antibiotics or ADHD drugs as certain studies has found negative effects of these medicines on kids.
Protect yourself and your child from pesticides and chemicals by only buying organic fruits and vegetables.
Try and substitute red meat with fish as it is an excellent way of getting omega 3 fatty acids. Help boost your child’s mental and neurological health!