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Spiritual Detox

Would you want to be in ‘this moment’ where you totally feel free, energetic, healthy, full of love, peace and life; and your fears, worries, obsessions and negative emotions and thoughts are no longer exist?

Wellness is a state which is only to be reached through the ultimate balance and harmony between body and soul. An ancient Hindu proverb says: “Each of us is a house with four rooms. Emotional, spiritual, physical and mental. Yet, we are never to get completed unless we enter in each room every single day.” For this reason, one must always remember to do spiritual detox while cleansing the body off the toxins. Whether physical or spiritual, detox is an act of internalization, and such a holistic approach must be carried to get the best out of it. Negative thoughts and stress initially interfere with our hormonal system weakening our immune while load the body with overwork by disrupting the stages of repairment and rejuvenation, which decreases the dense of the benefits to get from detox.

Here are some tips for those who wonder what is a spiritual detox and how to do it:
– Start with deciding a certain time interval. Best is to match our cycle with moon’s cycle and follow a 28-day of route.

– Start your day by inviting all those high frequency feelings such as love, gratitude, appreciation and happiness to your day.

– Let love be your guide while you stay away the reactive emotions such as anger, hatred, misgivings, judgement, jealousy, sadness, sorrow, pessimism and over-control.

– For all day repeat this to yourself: ‘I love and be loved.’

– Stay categorically away from ‘lying’ and using any kind of bad or negative words. Remind yourself to be accepting, tender, creative, caressing, plain and transparent both to yourself and to your surrounding instead of being rude, judgemental and strict.

– Start keeping a diary and write down what you feel before you go to sleep.

– Make a list of all the tasks that you’ve been postponing and put them in action one by one, for anything postponed causes blockages in our lives. And don’t forget to add your debts still not paid into the list.

– Clean your house and your office, say goodbye to bulges that you no more use.  You can give them away to the ones in need.

– Focus on your breath. Take deep breaths and imagine that each breath you take renews you and each breath you give out sets you free from those old negative feelings and mindscapes.

– Reexamine your basic beliefs. What do the concepts such as ‘right’, ‘wrong’, ‘beautiful’, ‘ugly’, ‘sinful’ and so mean to you?

– Give trust and feel confident. Keep your promises.

– Go deep down and question all the facts in your life such as the meaning that you give to life, your breakthroughs in life, your childhood and your purpose.

– We become more free as we feed our souls and get them free from burdens; dissolve emotional and mental blockages that drag us to the depths. We finally reach to a point of wellness by providing the physical and spiritual balance. Don’t forget that everything is paid back; all the beauties you’ve unleashed will come back to you just the time as you need.

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