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The List of Symptoms of Being Too Acidic

Being too acidic is a condition that is not suitable for your body. This condition may conceive various symptoms which cause you to suffer from them. You may think you have harmful diseases, a weak immune system, etc. But probably the main reason for all of these is just too acidic. Therefore, you must check the list of symptoms of being too acidic and may jump into an alkaline diet.

In this article, you will learn about the difference between being alkaline vs acidic, the symptoms of having too much acid in the body and how to avoid having an acidic body.

What is Acidity and pH Level?

Acidity and pH levels are two essential factors that can impact our health. A healthy body has a delicate acidity and pH level.

The pH levels start from 0 and go up to 14. A pH of 7 is neutral, and higher than 7 is alkaline. However, the body is considered acidic if the pH is below 7. That’s why the essential pH level a body should maintain is around 7.4.

Acidosis Symptoms: A Complete List

Metabolic acidosis is a process that leads acidity to buildup in the body, most in the blood and other body tissues. The main reason for acidosis is the kidneys being unable to remove acid from the body. Here is the physical, mental and emotional acidosis symptoms in the body:

Having Unhealthy Skin
Having unhealthy skin is just one of the symptoms of being too acidic. If your nails are thin and you complain that they break easily, the cosmetics can’t help you. Plus, you may have dry skin, and your lips’ corners may crack. Again the cosmetics can’t help acidic skin. Also, being too acidic cause hair fall, too.

Having Unhealthy Mouth and Teeth
Being too acidic can cause not only sensitive teeth but also losing your teeth. So, you may usually have tooth pain and sensitive gums.

Having Digestive Problems
Lots of people suffer from digestive problems. Being too acidic make digestion harder. So that cause acid reflux, ulcers, and gastritis. You may have one of them with high probability.

Emotional and Mental Signs of Acidity

The most significant emotional and mental sign of acidity is being joyless and depressed. If you feel like you’re in a depression and if the drugs are useless, try to think about acidic foods. Acidic foods cause low energy and joyless. Also, you may feel much more nervous.

Acidic Foods to Avoid

In a balanced diet, cutting out certain foods entirely is not recommended. But if you aim to alkalize your body, you should manage your consumption of high-acid foods and compare the benefits of alkaline vs acidic foods.

Here are some acidic foods to avoid for an alkalized body:

-Processed foods
-Dairy products,, especially milk
-Beef and turkey
-Sweetened drinks

Please note that most animal products are acidic. A plant-based diet or at least a high percentage of plant-based food can always help you with alkalization.

Alkaline Foods to Balance pH

From searching for “what does alkaline mean?”, we are grateful that now you are at the stage of changing your shopping list!

Green vegetables are the best to alkalize the body. Broccoli, kale, and spinach are beneficial to increase the pH of the human body. Besides, eggplants, peaches, pears and sweet potatoes are alkaline food options for your daily meal plan.

When to Seek Professional Guidance

When being too acidic affects your whole body, you can consider getting professional guidance.

If you usually consume acidic foods, you may often have headaches, leg cramps, and conjunctivitis because this condition affects not only your metabolism but your eye health too. Having a low body temperature is one of the acidity symptoms, also. If you get infections quickly or if you have a tendency for it, that is because of being too acidic. 

The path to an alkaline lifestyle is not a very difficult one. Basically, by keeping the ratio of acidic food at around 30% and alkaline diet at approximately 70% will do the trick. Have a look at a few tips we provide for our guests at TheLifeCo.

How to avoid being too acidic?

1. Go green
Vegetables, some fruits, seeds, nuts, and roots are naturally alkalizing. Increasing the amount of these in your diet will automatically reduce your consumption of acidic foods like meat or grains. Avocados, beetroot, spinach, kale (if you have access to it it is at the top of the nutrition/calorie chart), cucumber are going to boost your alkalinity. If you are interested in green detox, you can download our Green Detox Guide for beginners.

2. Consume acidic foods mindfully
It is challenging to cut out these naturally addictive foods such as any meat, eggs, processed sugars, flour, and dairy products. However, it is considerably easier to reduce their amount in your daily diet to less than 30%.

3. Limit alcohol consumption
Alcohol may cause different issues in our lives. However, it inevitably causes dietary problems due to very high sugar content. An occasional glass of wine or a few beers enjoying a sports game is acceptable for social benefit. However, alcohol should be consumed responsibly. Otherwise, it makes the body acidic very quickly.

4. Drinking alkaline water
First of all, we have to admit that most of us do not drink enough water. Everyone has to drink 8 to 10 large glasses of water every day, preferably alkaline water. Tap water or bottled water has a pH of up to 7, whereas alkaline water has an average pH of 9. This helps at balancing the alkaline-acid levels in the body.

5. Choose drinks carefully
Caffeine-containing drinks such as coffee and energy drinks usually urges you to consume more sugar. Choosing natural, alkalizing drinks such as herbal teas (peppermint, yerba mate etc..), lemon water and green powder supplements such as green vibrance can help cleanse the digestive system, optimize metabolism and eradicates excess acid.

6. Exercise (Even if mildly)
You don’t need to exercise hours long consistently everyday. 20-30 Minutes four five times a week is more important than you think. Exercise makes the body alkaline as well as it enables sweat to leave the body. Sweat is acidic so the alkalinity of the body will be increased. Extra support in oxygenation is a huge plus as well.

7. Balance your life
It is proven time after time that stress does more harm than many other more obvious factors. Finding ways to get rid of stress such as yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, mild physical exercises reduce acid levels significantly.

Diet Tips to Alkalise Your Body

8. Take it slow
If you decide to try an alkaline lifestyle, you need to get the knowledge and be in a healing environment such as TheLifeCo centers. Managing the symptoms of unbalanced ph levels is necessary but never sufficient. TheLifeCo professionals will teach you how to live an alkaline lifestyle and you will get the first hand experience onsite by attending one of our retreats.

Disease prevention and other benefits of an alkaline diet

Many people diagnosed with severe reflux try to deal with it with medication, medication that they have to take for the rest of their life. If you are wondering if a more natural solution is possible, then a simple alkaline – acid balance in your diet will do the deal. We have had thousands of guests, who succesfully managed this by adopting an alkaline lifestyle. These guests are off medication and can easily manage their reflux on their own.

Assisting weight loss is not the only perk of such a diet. Your energy will definitely increase and risk of kidney problems, type 2 diabetes and chronic diseases (especially for the ones due to lactic-acid build up such as severe cramps, rheumatoid arthritis, etc..) will be reduced.

Reduce effects of acidic body

Learn more about detox and healthy nutrition programs you can join at TheLifeCo.

Frequently Asked Questions About Being Acidic

The ideal pH of the human body should be between 7.35-7.45.
The first signs of being too acidic are generally non-physical, like feeling tired or uneasy for no reason or being depressive. But symptoms like diarrhea are also common.

Going for a plant-based diet helps with the alkalization of the body. But not all vegetables/fruits are beneficial. It can be good to look for the list of acidic foods. Green vegetables like spinach are preferable to balance the acidity.
If you are passed looking for what is alkaline and acidic, you probably now want to learn about your own condition. Having symptoms like fatigue and bad digestion can be among them.
You can consider drinking alkalized water to balance the pH of your body.
If the kidney is healthy and functioning, it naturally does the largest part of acid removal. But to support it, alkalized water and alkalic foods are recommended. You can consider drinking alkalized water to balance the pH of your body.
Alkaline water and warm lemon water reduces acidity naturally. Also, you can prepare unsweetened drinks with alkalized fruits and vegetables.
For better mental health, good digestion, weight loss or protection, the alkaline state of the human body is always preferred.
The pH level of plain yoghurt is between 4.4 and 4.8, which means it is acidic.
Although lemon is a highly acidic food, it delivers an alkalizing effect after digestion. Doctors recommend using warm lemon water daily to help the body alkalize.

Bananas, avocados and apples are among low-acid foods. Tropical fruits like mango and papaya are also non-acidic foods.

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