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Top 8 Reasons Why You are not Losing Weight!

How many times have you already asked yourself this question? And how many times have you wondered if there really is a way for you to get to your desired weight? Well, fret not. Here is a list of top 8 reasons why you may not be losing weight, and what you can do about them:

  1. You’re not sleeping enough: A lack of sleep messes around with the hormones that regulate hunger, and trust me, you don’t want to do that. Change your schedule around a bit to get more sleep at night, or simply take power naps in the day. And hey, don’t forget those sleep masks.
  2. You’re overtly focused on protein: If you’ve randomly picked up a snippet that people who hit the gym eat a lot of protein, you’re forgetting to ask them what else they eat. Simply increasing your protein intake isn’t going to make you look like them, you need to cut out the other unhealthy stuff you may be eating too.
  3. You’re drinking too many sugary drinks: If you start accounting for the number of calories you are taking in simply through your choices of drinks, you’d be more careful. A pina colada is 425 calories. Yikes!
  4. You’re dieting too hard: Some times, if you are only cutting calories but not getting enough nutrients, you may be throwing your body into defense mode, causing you to hoard more weight. Please consult a nutritionist before you adopt a diet.
  5. You’re not eating often enough: Waiting till you’re starving to eat sends a signal to the body to store fat so it can be used when you’re low on energy. Eating regularly keeps your metabolism up and helps you in losing weight.
  6. Your exercise is not intense enough: There is a certain workout routine for maintaining your weight at the same number it’s at now, and there is an entirely different routine meant for losing weight. A high intensity intermittent workout is what you need.
  7. Your medication may be the culprit: There are some medications that cause weight gain as a side effect, some may reduce your motivation to exercise while some others increase your appetite or cause you to put on water weight. Check with your physician which one of these may be your nemesis.
  8. You’re consuming ‘diet-foods’: Most diet foods in the market are loaded with salt, causing water retention. Plus, they are packed with processed ingredients that severely affect your health. Artificial sweeteners are just as bad as using sugar, because they confuse your metabolism and in the long run, don’t really help you lose weight like they promise. Eat natural, whole foods for best results.

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