Types of Detox Programs at TheLifeCo and Their Benefits

As the first and only well-being, healthcare and disease prevention and support detox centre in Turkey, we take the quality of our detox programs very seriously at The LifeCo. Giving people the chance for a new recipe of life is something that we think everybody deserves and the comprehensive nature of our various programs is a reflection of this. Take a look at our unique programs and their benefits below.

Our Programs
Master Detox
Green Detox
Green Salad Detox

Master Detox Program
The Master Detox program is the quickest and most effective of our programs offered, lasting anywhere from 4 to 21 days depending on the unique circumstances of each individual. At its core it is a vegetable and juice program that utilizes shakes, probiotics and other supplements to stimulate the cleansing of your mind and body. You will also have access to an unlimited amount of herbal tea and soup. The end result of this program, which averages 7 days in length for most people, is a significant increase in your energy levels, strength, complexion and mood.

Green Detox Program
Our Green Detox Program is an ideal choice for those that want to avoid colon hydrotherapy or those that desire to alkalize their body as quickly as possible. This program can range from 4 to 7 days and can be used to act as a pre- or post- detox diet in conjunction with the Master Detox mentioned above. The core of this program consists of the consumption of alkalizing plants including spinach, cucumber and celery each day. Immune boosting, increasing blood oxygen content and faster repairing and healing processes are just a few of the main benefits of this program.

Green Salad Detox Program
Ideal for those that want to lose excess weight, relax their digestion system or simply accompany a loved one or friend during their detox, the Green Salad Detox consists of a combination of yoga, meditation, and a diet that consists of raw vegetable and fruit juices, salads and dark green leaves. Due to the high amounts of chlorophyll in these foods, the oxygen content of your blood will increase and boost your immune system. The Green Salad Detox typically lasts for 1 to 3 days.

The effectiveness of detox retreats depends on a commitment and knowledge of the various factors that influence the health of the human mind and body. With the variety of detox programs offered by The LifeCo in Bodrum and Antalya, we’re sure that you’ll get the holistic replenishment that you desire. For further questions about any of our programs, fill out the contact form on our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Gonca Yarımer

Program Coordinator, Content Manager

Gonca Yarımer

Gonca’s first introduction to the holistic well-being world occurred through a documentary production focused on native American-Indian’s authentic and holistic lifestyle in healing. Following this project, she has invited to their particular ‘’Healing Retreats’’ and welcomed to join many fasting/healing programs together. After being impressed and inspired by native American-Indian’s authentic and holistic lifestyle in healing, Gonca has developed her personalised healing path as she pursued related training. She joined many certificate programs such as Theta Healing, Usuki Reiki and Life Coaching, alongside plant-based nutritional diets and cleansing programs. In 2014, she joined TheLifeCo family, consulting TheLifeCo guests and overseeing and managing TheLifeCo’s programs on their holistic well-being journey.

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