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What is the holistic health approach to detox?

If you want to improve your health and change your unnatural lifestyle, ‘the holistic health approach to detox’ can be something you would need. If you ever wonder how the effects of healthy eating and detoxification became so effective, the simple answer to this question goes back to history.

When you look at history, you can see that as human beings we were not supposed to be eating three meals a day. We were not supposed to be eating every time we are hungry. But today, whenever we feel hunger, we can easily go somewhere to eat or order food.

If you look at history, Holy Scriptures, the Bible and the Quran, all these religious practices and historical references, they would say that in everybody’s life that there is a moment they have to go through periods of fasting. Periods of fasting does not mean that there’s nothing to eat so you have to fast. Fasting is preferred, because actually it is a cleansing ritual. It cleanses you physically, mentally and emotionally.

A Holistic Approach to Detox
As The LifeCo, we are here to introduce you to the holistic type of a detoxification. Let’s talk about what do we mean by that. The holistic health approach to detoxification affects  the body, mind and spirit all together.

Body Detox
You have options like fasting, cleansing, juicing and healthy eating methods for the body detox. All these methods would give your body a detoxifying effect and help you eliminate toxins. Following these methods is actually easier than it seems.

Mental Detox
When we talk about mental detox, this is where meditation comes in! Mental detox is the second most important phase in the holistic approach to detox. This is where we want you to be able to reconnect to yourself and your aura. Meditation actually plays a big role in mental detox. Because doing any type of meditation actually helps you center in on the true essence of your well being. That’s why, this is where we are be able to help you with a mind detoxification.

Spiritual Detox
Spiritual detoxification is the last phase we need to make the health approach ‘holistic’. What we mean by spiritual detox is deeply connected with nature itself. As humans, we are supposed to reconnect ourselves with nature. Because of modernisation, we became more and more unnatural, and detached from our natural habitat and lifestyle. Spiritiual detox can help you reconnect with nature again. That’s why, the LifeCo centers are located close to beautiful green areas and beaches in Bodrum, Phuket and Antalya. All these places are meant for you to utilize, so that you would be able to feel recharged within.

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