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Why We All Need to Detox

It’s already May, my favourite month of the year –  it’s so beautiful to see all the incredible changes to the weather, the luscious green leaves and pretty flowers, sweet fruits, vibrant veggies –  our food, mood, energy, everything is changing…

This is a great time to cleanse and rejuvenate our body and mind to be part of these beautiful seasonal changes on earth and more importantly to feel alive!

With all the beautiful seasonal changes taking place and of course with summer coming it’s the perfect time for a detox.

You might think you don’t need detox………. But everybody needs a detox at least once a year!

Assuming you are not one of those people who eat hot dogs with coke and French fries at lunch, or pasta in the middle of the night, dive into cholate spreads when you get upset, don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol every day.  You may even exercise a bit and that’s great but sorry you still need to detox your body.

You work, you drive, you inhale the air, consume water, use so many harmful devices, medications, the millions of things that you touch, smell, eat and inhale are highly toxic and on top of that not to mention all the stress that you go through everyday.

Think about one simple day… You start the day with brushing your teeth, and there you go, fluoride before breakfast –  which contains a good amount of toxins causing many problems like bone disease, thyroid disorders or neurological problems.  Next you wash your body and hair with shampoos that are filled with sulphates, parabens and silicon which all increase the risk of breast cancer, even hairdryers can cause damage……

The average quality perfume would have 250 different chemicals, such us acetone, benzaldehyde, which can cause sperm damage; shaving foams, sun screen lotions, body creams have more than 40 toxic chemicals, starting with mineral oils which is literally a petroleum based product, and list goes on…..

For sure you want to have your morning coffee to feel energised and wake you up, but if you don’t drink your 2 glasses of morning water with an empty stomach, caffeine is going to dehydrate and again it’s toxic especially with milk and sugar added. So you’ll probably be cleaning your coffee with washing-up liquid which is also filled with toxic chemicals that are mostly carcinogenic.

We are exposed to 6 million pounds of mercury and 2.5 billion pounds of other toxic chemicals each year. According to the non-profit organization Environmental Working Group, the average new-born baby has 287 known toxins in his or her umbilical cord blood, so imagine how many you have been exposed to in your life.

Well, it’s only the first 45 minutes of the day, you haven’t even left the house to come face to face with the air pollution and traffic fumes and you are already toxic.

But, hey, don’t be depressed all the numbers that I just mentioned.  Just be mindful.

All we need to do is be more mindful about the things that we can change, add and adapt. And this might be much easier than we can ever think.

Committing yourself to a detox, cleansing our body to remove all those accumulated toxic substances chemicals even once a year for 1 week would be great gift to your body. The beginning of each season is the perfect time.

But basically, whenever you think your body and mind needs a break and rest, it’s a good time to fast.  If you feel fatigued, tired all around the day, have bad quality sleep, get sick often, constipated, having a hard time to loose few pounds even if you watch your portions, feeling muscle aches, joint pain, headaches, bloating, gas, diarrhoea, heartburn, tense, down, unmotivated, it’s basically the time for detox regardless of the time of the year.

Your will immediately start feeling great in many ways. It will reduce the inflammation in the body which is the main cause for all kind of chronic diseases, boost your immune system and your energy levels, help you lose weight, improve skin quality, better digestion and improved sleep. But more importantly, your mind will be a lot more relaxed you will lose all the anxious feelings and have a lot more mental clarity.

Because obviously a detox cleanse is not something that is only physical –  the body starts to heal, detoxification moves onto a mental and emotional level, and finally reveals a spiritual body. You feel more connected with yourself, feel more harmonised and aligned with nature as well.  When you remove synthetic accumulations from your body and replace them with natural alternatives, you behave, feel and think in a more natural and positive manner.

Your body is your temple, your only permanent home, your sacred place –  you are the only one who can look after, take care and nourish yourself.  No one else can see, taste, digest, or breath on behalf of you right?

Ok, so you can’t get to a wellness centre now? That’s totally fine. There are many things that you can immediately start doing at home which we will be talking about in my next blog. But until then, start drinking enough water every day – water is so important, never underestimate the power of water…

Here is one simple calculation: Your weight (kg) X 0.04= your ideal daily water intake. So if you are 60 kg, your daily amount is 2.4 kg per day. Make sure you add additional glass of water for each acidic liquid that you drink like coffee, alcohol, etc.

Ok, until the next time, keep hydrating yourself and stay tuned and alkaline.

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