Journey to the Heart and Healing
07-13 August at TheLifeCo Bodrum

Cacao Retreat

Cacao Retreat is designed to introduce the history, unique secrets and incredible health benefits of cacao. During this retreat, you will taste and use cacao to improve your physical wellbeing, while improving your mental and emotional wellbeing with shamanic ceremonies, activities and special sessions.

Therapeutic Nutrition

Healthy Weight Loss

Stronger Immune System

Soothing Environment

Effective Detoxification

Heal Through Natural Treatments

cacao retreat at theıfeco bodrum


Cacao is a heart-opening plant packed full of nutrients and minerals to boost our immune systems and help us feel more peace and calm.

The spirit of Ceremonial Cacao is wise and powerful when taken with intention, she facilitates us on our inward journey, working directly on the heart chakra and increasing our creative potential. Known as the food of God’s, this medicinal superfood traditionally used by the Mayans to open the door to greater consciousness. For centuries, cacao has been used as a healing tool in ceremonies in indigenous cultures.

Why You Should Attend Cacao Retreat

Sometimes life just does not go the way we want it! And we can either respond with anxiety, stress and fear, or acceptance and surrender. Unfortunately, we are not taught coping skills for when life gets us down, so we must go on our own path of self-discovery to find the tools to help us.

If you have been suffering from high anxiety recently, Cacao is a powerful plant medicine to help you on your journey to wellbeing. She is a beautiful teacher and here to help us find balance and harmony.

Come with us on a sacred plant journey to experience Cacao, as plant medicine, and reduce your stress and anxiety

Cacao Retreat
sound therapy

Included Services

Daily Flow of Cacao Retreat

The following schedule might slightly change daily.

Outdoor yoga sessions

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Kundalini & meditation practices will all contribute to your well being and help you surrender into a deep state of relaxation.

Sound Healing Sessions

Sound healing sessions will move you from a place of imbalance and pain to a place of balance and healing.

Qi Gong (Chi Kung)

Using gentle flowing movement, breath work and meditation, Qigong will guide you through your spiritual transformation.

Art Therapy Workshops

Art Therapy workshops will challenge you for expressing your open heart through drawing and painting.

Content of the Retreat

Meditation at the beach

Personalized Solutions

Healthy Vegan Kitchen

Mental Wellness Support

Natural Therapies

Healing Environment

Medical Experience

About Participation and Host

Retreat Host: Güliz Hızıroğlu

Retreat Fee: 840€ for 7-Days

Daily Attendance: 120€

cacao retreat ceremony

Supporting Team

Bedreddin Ulusoy Photo

Dr. Bedreddin Ulusoy

TheLifeCo Wellbeing Bodrum

Mirey Yuhay

Mirey Yuhay

Program Coordinator

Gonca Yarımer Photo

Gonca Yarımer

Program Manager

Fazil Alasahin Photo

Fazıl Alaşahin

Raw Vegan Chef

Behnam Photo

Sash Behnam

Yoga Instructor

Hande Anadolu Photo

Hande Anadolu


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