Coffee Peeling

Peeling is a process of cleaning the dead cells that accumulated on top of the skin and rejuvenating the skin. There are various types of peeling and one of these methods is coffee peeling.

How to Use The Coffee Peeling
The purpose of peeling is to enable the removal of soils from top of the skin by using small and hard granules which do not dissolve during the peeling process. These granules have a variety of properties and they are also used in the skin for the treatment of different problems.

Coffee peeling is applied to skin through a certain pressure, that will not cause deformation on the skin surface. First step is cleaning your skin from the dirt and makeup. Later coffee-based peeling cream is applied with fingertips and gradually spread on the skin surface. It is important to do this operation without forcing the sensitive areas such as wounded or with acne. Finally, the dead skin is removed by massaging with the fingertips and the skin gets cleaned.

After applying the peeling, it is necessary to use a suitable moisturizer due to the open pores being sensitive. Although this procedure may seem simple, it should be applied by a specialist to ensure that it is completely free from dead cells.

Coffee peeling is not only applied to the facial area. It can be applied to the whole body to remove dead skin.

Benefits of Coffee
The use of coffee for peeling has numerous benefits. The stimulating effect of coffee is beneficial also for the skin. Coffee contains rich minerals and caffeine, which is very effective in rejuvenation and shine of the skin. The natural stimulating and antioxidant properties of coffee support the fresh and rejuvenated skin after cleansing the dead layer.

Because it contains polyphenols, coffee is very successful in the treatment of problems such as stain on the skin. Polyphenols have healing and beautifying properties that helps reduce skin problems such as scars and sunspots. A regular coffee peeling will be the perfect support and cleaning method to make your skin look more vibrant, fresh and flawless.

As the blood flow increases in the face and other regions while applying coffee peeling, swelling and bruises can be reduced. Coffee is more effective in stimulating the capillaries on the skin due to its stimulating effect and on the other hand it allows oxygen-rich cells to be fed. Therefore, coffee peeling is a very effective skin care method.

In cold weather, our skin gets dried and accumulates much more dead cells. As our skin is exposed to the sun in the summer, dead layer on the skin can become permanent stains due to the sun’s rays. Therefore, a regular coffee peeling can be a very helpful and supportive for your skin. Frequent application of coffee peeling and adequate hydration of the skin will help us to have a healthy, radiant skin and look younger for many years.