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Slimming Treatments

Our slimming therapies and revitalising treatments will support your body during the detox process.

Slimming Treatments at TheLifeCo

We support your weight loss process with slimming therapies at TheLifeCo. Slimming treatments help faster and more effective weight loss, reduce sagging that may occur during weight loss, eliminate the appearance of cellulite, and allow you to achieve a fitter appearance.

You can participate in slimming treatments at TheLifeCo Bodrum and Akra Antalya centers. To reach your ideal weight and look, you can choose the most suitable therapy and session plan with expert therapists. You can combine treatments with an effective detox or healthy nutrition program and speed up your weight loss process.

Slimming Treatments

Venus Legacy is a new approach to face and body firming. It embodies the techniques which provide a firmer, well-shaped skin and volumetric, circumferential, cellulite reduction on the applied areas.

The key of Venus Legacy Technologies, “ISI” stimulates the natural wound-healing functions of the body. It can be applied to face, abdomen, arm, back and legs.

The result is a resurfaced skin tissue. In addition, it has a triggering effect on the process of lipolysis within the fat tissues as a natural function. It is a golden-standard RF application.

LPG Endermologie is a skin care series developed in France. Completely natural and painless, this therapy helps to tighten the body, supports burns and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

LPG increases blood and lymphatic circulation, eliminate metabolic waste by draining tissues, and makes skin more flexible by freeing up fibrous bands. LPG body care helps also to shape all subcutaneous tissues from the skin to the muscles.

This treatment can be applied both to face and body and offers quick results. It is one of the best slimming treatments which activates lipolysis by triggering the beta receptors of the adipocites in the areas where fat accumulates.

Toxins and other harmful substances entering our body accumulate not only in our organs but also in our skin. All these toxins under the skin cause disruption on elastic fiber, clogging of the pores and loss of the natural shine of the skin. Therefore, you can support your detoxification process with detox body care and refresh your skin.

Supporting your skin with regenerating and nourishing effects of natural sea salt and caviar extract, Detox Body Care is an effective care method that cleanse your skin and reduces fat cells. Your skin will feel renewed, more vibrant and smooth even after first session of this body care, that is designed to provide purification to your body from outside.

Chrono detox treatment is particularly designed to detoxify for all skin types exposed to stress and adverse lifestyle conditions. RNS oxygen-protective complex that is used during this treatment provides a strong protection against free oxygen radicals.

Red algae wrap is one of seaweed body wraps that is very beneficial as a slimming and firming treatment. Red algae that are collected from the coasts of Brittany, is one of the best solution in cellulite treatment.

Red algae is rich in nourishing minerals, amino acids and folic acids. With these properties, this treatment is applied very gently and suitable for sensitive skin types. Red algae also contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Slimming treatment with red algae supports your detoxification process. Amino acid and folic acids levels of red algae promote the elimination of toxins that contribute to cellulite. Anti-inflammatory fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6 help you have healthier cells.

Seaweed holds many qualities that comes from growing in the sea and can be utilized in different temperatures. When it is used as a body wrap, it gives an effective “revitalization therapy” treatment for the skin with its detoxifying, moisturizing, hydrating and firming properties.

Seaweed contains essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that our body needs like magnesium and calcium. That’s why using seaweed as a wrap it is a great way of receiving these minerals. During this treatment, after the seaweed paste is applied to your entire body, you get covered with a wrap and left to rest. Your pores start to open as your body temperature rises. This way your body starts to take all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins through your skin.

Seaweed wrap provides detoxification to your body, which makes it very beneficial along with your detox or healthy nutrition program. Its detoxifying effect is very important as eliminates toxins that cause cellulite. Seaweed wrap treatment is a perfect way to tighten and firm your skin. At the same time it softens, remineralize and revitalise your skin.

Thalgo Body Care includes Thalgo’s world-famous, professional care products to give that give a long-lasting relief to your body, and is a solution to common problems such as cellulite.

Thalgo body care products are formulated by rich minerals. Thalgo body care is applied professionally to the whole body to increases blood circulation and revitalizes your body. Skin cleansing, massage and firming wrap are the basis of our body care session. Thalgo body care focuses also on the regional cellulite problem. This anti-cellulite treatment effectively supports the slimming process.

This new generation, body care includes regional massages, which are tailored to your body type. This massage is applied to areas with problems such as cellulite or sagging and shows a firming effect. Thalgo body care, designed to meet all your body’s need, shows its positive effect even from the first session.

Peeling is a process of cleaning the dead cells that accumulated on top of the skin and rejuvenating the skin. There are various types of peeling and one of these methods is coffee peeling.

How to Use The Coffee Peeling
The purpose of peeling is to enable the removal of soils from top of the skin by using small and hard granules which do not dissolve during the peeling process. These granules have a variety of properties and they are also used in the skin for the treatment of different problems.

Coffee peeling is applied to skin through a certain pressure, that will not cause deformation on the skin surface. First step is cleaning your skin from the dirt and makeup. Later coffee-based peeling cream is applied with fingertips and gradually spread on the skin surface. It is important to do this operation without forcing the sensitive areas such as wounded or with acne. Finally, the dead skin is removed by massaging with the fingertips and the skin gets cleaned.

After applying the peeling, it is necessary to use a suitable moisturizer due to the open pores being sensitive. Although this procedure may seem simple, it should be applied by a specialist to ensure that it is completely free from dead cells.

Coffee peeling is not only applied to the facial area. It can be applied to the whole body to remove dead skin.

Benefits of Coffee
The use of coffee for peeling has numerous benefits. The stimulating effect of coffee is beneficial also for the skin. Coffee contains rich minerals and caffeine, which is very effective in rejuvenation and shine of the skin. The natural stimulating and antioxidant properties of coffee support the fresh and rejuvenated skin after cleansing the dead layer.

Because it contains polyphenols, coffee is very successful in the treatment of problems such as stain on the skin. Polyphenols have healing and beautifying properties that helps reduce skin problems such as scars and sunspots. A regular coffee peeling will be the perfect support and cleaning method to make your skin look more vibrant, fresh and flawless.

As the blood flow increases in the face and other regions while applying coffee peeling, swelling and bruises can be reduced. Coffee is more effective in stimulating the capillaries on the skin due to its stimulating effect and on the other hand it allows oxygen-rich cells to be fed. Therefore, coffee peeling is a very effective skin care method.

In cold weather, our skin gets dried and accumulates much more dead cells. As our skin is exposed to the sun in the summer, dead layer on the skin can become permanent stains due to the sun’s rays. Therefore, a regular coffee peeling can be a very helpful and supportive for your skin. Frequent application of coffee peeling and adequate hydration of the skin will help us to have a healthy, radiant skin and look younger for many years.

We all felt the difference in our skin and hair in holidays at the seaside and looking healthy much more than before. Although this is related with happiness and peace in the first place, the healing effect of the sea, in fact the sea salt, has a significant role also in this sense of beauty. That is why sea salt peeling is very popular and important for skin care.

Sea salt is a natural cleaning agent and healer which is very effective thanks to its ingredients such as iron, manganese, sulfur, potassium and calcium content. The most remarkable feature is that it has rich minerals and it is natural. So sea salt peeling is one of the best ways to purify and cleanse our skin naturally.

Sea salt has a fast-acting healing properties. We all witnessed how the wounds and spots on our skin disappeared in the summer after swimming in the sea. Minerals in the sea salt shows the healing power quickly on our skin.

Sea salt peeling is also a very effective method in this respect. Over time we need to remove the dead cell layer from the skin surface formed for many reasons such as make-up, dirty air, sweat. And skin needs to breathe comfortably with the fresh skin cells that covered with those dead cells, so we should cleanse our skin routinely in order to look healthier. However, daily washing gels and soap-based cleaning agents will not be sufficient to remove this dead layer from the skin. You should apply more specific processes to purify the dead layer, such as peeling. Sea salt peeling is therefore a natural method with the most effective and healing power.

Since it is a completely organic skin care away from chemicals, it does not cause skin compatibility problems, it is quite unlikely that you will have a negative effect when you apply it to your skin. And also, with the effective healing power of sea salt and having lots of minerals, you will immediately feel a freshness in your skin and you want to apply it to your whole body and enjoy the fresh and bright skin.

Before the sea salt peeling, the sea salt must be turned into a special liquid solution that can be applied to your skin. Then, with the fingertips on the skin lightly moving, thanks to the big and hard particles of the salt, dead cell layer is moved from the skin surface. Sea salt should not be applied to areas with very thin skin like eye. And also, it does not apply in problematic areas such as open wounds. May have burning effects. Therefore, the dead skins should be peeled off from the skin carefully by acting in a circular manner. After this process, the pores will be opened, the dirty layer will be removed and the skin will be completely free of dead cells. This means the skin will be very sensitive after this process. After peeling, moisturizing and protection creams and skin layer should be used immediately.

Sea salt peeling can be applied to the whole body. As peeling is applied, because of the movements like massage, the flow rate of the blood increases and indirectly the amount of oxygen transported to all cells increases. This makes easier for the skin to refresh and look brighter. When the peeling process is combined with sea salt, you will love the result on your skin. Because the dead layer is completely removed after peeling, your skin looks more soft and smooth. Sea salt will also help you with skin parts that have different color by making them lighter and a total homogenous look.

With its special drawing and absorbing qualities, Clay Mask removes toxins from the body and provides the skin with needed minerals and moisture, which helps improve the skin’s elasticity.

What is Body Tightening and Body Recovery Program?
Micro Plus, is an all-purpose complete device for the body treatments covering obesity, cellulite, tightening, shaping, circulation deficiencies, fat accumulation and other problems deteriorating the body aesthetics.

Micro Plus is used as a device working on the muscle groups and trigger them with micro and galvanic powers. The muscles are stimulated with application and resulting in increased muscle tonicity and the use of surrounding fat tissues to meet the growing energy need. The stimulation of mechanical receptors of the joints, tendons and muscles and the preservation of muscles, muscle healing, and the removal of toxins are called tropical effects. It is proven with EGG that the low-frequency vibrations on the central nervous system initiates a relaxation state.

Micro Plus device improves the lymphatic fluid flow in the lymphatic circulation and to restore the microcirculation by supports the lymphatic flow. The increase in microcirculation, revitalization of tissue and increased oxygenation also increase skin tone.

When to Use?
1. All kinds of cellulite treatment at different levels
2. Slimming and detoxification
3. Normal and deep lymph drainage
4. Regional Forming
5. Muscle tonification (Abdominal, Leg, Arm, Butt, Back, Facial Chest stretching)
6. Lifting
7. Increasing skin elasticity on the face
8. Pain, fatigue syndrome in edema legs
9. Premenstruel Edema

How Does it Work?
Identifying Edema and Lymph Drainage
Micro Plus provides normalization of the problem on the liquid stream by supporting the lymphatic flow. The disappearance of accumulation in this area is a direct indication of the increase in microcirculation. Toxins in the body get cleaned and detoxified by Micro Plus method. This improves skin tonality due to revitalization and oxygenation in tissue.

Identifying Cellulitis
Micro Plus device is used to treat cellulite. Stimulating therapy smooths the skin, tightens muscles, triggers metabolism and lymph circulation. It helps to remove collected tissue fluid and water from the body.

Weight Loss
The application of the Micro Plus stimulates muscles. This causes the muscles to use the surrounding fat as a source of energy. Stimulation of the mechanical receptors of the joints, tendons and muscles, stimulation of the muscles and the preservation of muscle tone, muscle healing, and the removal of toxins are called tropical effect.

Session Lenght

Face Lifting30 mins
Cellulite40 mins
Abdomen20 mins
Arm20 mins
Back20 mins
Chest20 mins
Whole Body2,5 hr
Slimming Treatments