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Toxins are substances that make your body hypersensitive, have harmful effects, and impair your health. Over time, toxins in our body increase due to both the foods we eat and environmental factors. Toxin increase in the body can cause serious health problems such as weakening of the immune system, rapid weight gain, weakness, skin degeneration, digestive system problems, headaches, distressed mood, sleep problems and cancer in the long term. Fasting detox programs can improve your health and wellness as fasting provides an effective purification and regeneration in the body by starting the natural autophagy process.

Fasting detox programs you can attend at TheLifeCo

At TheLifeCo Bodrum, we provide the most suitable environment to get away from daily life and meet yourself again. In this way, you can do the fasting detox most effectively. In addition, our detox experts and dietitians will prepare the most suitable program for you after the necessary consultations. Our experienced healthcare team accompanies you throughout the process.
Our programs at TheLifeCo Antalya, consisting of delicious detox plans, are designed to support your health in many aspects. With the privilege of TheLifeCo Antalya, we invite you to this diet program that will increase your body, mind and mental health together to reach a better quality of life.
TheLifeCo Phuket offers you the opportunity to do a fasting detox under the guidance of a professional staff who will support you in achieving your needs and health goals, where you can focus entirely on yourself, forget about the problems of daily life.
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The World’s Best Master Detox Program is worth looking into if you are interested in losing weight, lowering your cholesterol levels, losing inches off your waistline, and feeling more energized than ever before.

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We offer 6 different fasting detox plans and water fasting to choose from, all of them are providing effective detoxification. Our signature treatments during the fasting detox programs such as body treatments, sessions with personal trainers, activity time such as morning walks, afternoon yoga sessions in addition to daily yoga sessions.

Our customer care team will process your request with no additional booking fees. Time of booking might affect the cost of the programs. Our team will also guide you towards how to make the most out of our spa resorts. You may be provided with a room with beautiful views at the resort spa.

If you are looking for a place where you can rejuvenate from the inside out, then fasting detox is the perfect choice. It offers a wide range of services that include massages, 
therapies, activities and workshops. They also provide a relaxing environment where you can enjoy the beauty of nature.

The primary purpose of the fasting diet, unlike other diets, is not to control calories but to control the time interval in which food is consumed. This type of diet is not like different classical diet types. It tells the person ‘when’ to eat rather than what to eat. In addition, this diet is a type of diet that has become an alternative to classical calorie-restricting diet methods and is gaining tremendous popularity today.

Since there are many types of fasting detox programs, the times of these programs are also different from each other. TheLifeCo experts will create a fasting detox program that suits your needs and physical characteristics.

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TheLifeCo approach focuses on a transformation that originates within you. Through proper guidance from our team of experts, you will realize a holistic change and be equipped with the right tools and mindset to cope with life. We are always here to support you.