Micro Plus

What is Body Tightening and Body Recovery Program?
Micro Plus, is an all-purpose complete device for the body treatments covering obesity, cellulite, tightening, shaping, circulation deficiencies, fat accumulation and other problems deteriorating the body aesthetics.

Micro Plus is used as a device working on the muscle groups and trigger them with micro and galvanic powers. The muscles are stimulated with application and resulting in increased muscle tonicity and the use of surrounding fat tissues to meet the growing energy need. The stimulation of mechanical receptors of the joints, tendons and muscles and the preservation of muscles, muscle healing, and the removal of toxins are called tropical effects. It is proven with EGG that the low-frequency vibrations on the central nervous system initiates a relaxation state.

Micro Plus device improves the lymphatic fluid flow in the lymphatic circulation and to restore the microcirculation by supports the lymphatic flow. The increase in microcirculation, revitalization of tissue and increased oxygenation also increase skin tone.

When to Use?
1. All kinds of cellulite treatment at different levels
2. Slimming and detoxification
3. Normal and deep lymph drainage
4. Regional Forming
5. Muscle tonification (Abdominal, Leg, Arm, Butt, Back, Facial Chest stretching)
6. Lifting
7. Increasing skin elasticity on the face
8. Pain, fatigue syndrome in edema legs
9. Premenstruel Edema

How Does it Work?
Identifying Edema and Lymph Drainage
Micro Plus provides normalization of the problem on the liquid stream by supporting the lymphatic flow. The disappearance of accumulation in this area is a direct indication of the increase in microcirculation. Toxins in the body get cleaned and detoxified by Micro Plus method. This improves skin tonality due to revitalization and oxygenation in tissue.

Identifying Cellulitis
Micro Plus device is used to treat cellulite. Stimulating therapy smooths the skin, tightens muscles, triggers metabolism and lymph circulation. It helps to remove collected tissue fluid and water from the body.

Weight Loss
The application of the Micro Plus stimulates muscles. This causes the muscles to use the surrounding fat as a source of energy. Stimulation of the mechanical receptors of the joints, tendons and muscles, stimulation of the muscles and the preservation of muscle tone, muscle healing, and the removal of toxins are called tropical effect.

Session Lenght

Face Lifting30 mins
Cellulite40 mins
Abdomen20 mins
Arm20 mins
Back20 mins
Chest20 mins
Whole Body2,5 hr