Sea Salt Peeling

We all felt the difference in our skin and hair in holidays at the seaside and looking healthy much more than before. Although this is related with happiness and peace in the first place, the healing effect of the sea, in fact the sea salt, has a significant role also in this sense of beauty. That is why sea salt peeling is very popular and important for skin care.

Sea salt is a natural cleaning agent and healer which is very effective thanks to its ingredients such as iron, manganese, sulfur, potassium and calcium content. The most remarkable feature is that it has rich minerals and it is natural. So sea salt peeling is one of the best ways to purify and cleanse our skin naturally.

Sea salt has a fast-acting healing properties. We all witnessed how the wounds and spots on our skin disappeared in the summer after swimming in the sea. Minerals in the sea salt shows the healing power quickly on our skin.

Sea salt peeling is also a very effective method in this respect. Over time we need to remove the dead cell layer from the skin surface formed for many reasons such as make-up, dirty air, sweat. And skin needs to breathe comfortably with the fresh skin cells that covered with those dead cells, so we should cleanse our skin routinely in order to look healthier. However, daily washing gels and soap-based cleaning agents will not be sufficient to remove this dead layer from the skin. You should apply more specific processes to purify the dead layer, such as peeling. Sea salt peeling is therefore a natural method with the most effective and healing power.

Since it is a completely organic skin care away from chemicals, it does not cause skin compatibility problems, it is quite unlikely that you will have a negative effect when you apply it to your skin. And also, with the effective healing power of sea salt and having lots of minerals, you will immediately feel a freshness in your skin and you want to apply it to your whole body and enjoy the fresh and bright skin.

Before the sea salt peeling, the sea salt must be turned into a special liquid solution that can be applied to your skin. Then, with the fingertips on the skin lightly moving, thanks to the big and hard particles of the salt, dead cell layer is moved from the skin surface. Sea salt should not be applied to areas with very thin skin like eye. And also, it does not apply in problematic areas such as open wounds. May have burning effects. Therefore, the dead skins should be peeled off from the skin carefully by acting in a circular manner. After this process, the pores will be opened, the dirty layer will be removed and the skin will be completely free of dead cells. This means the skin will be very sensitive after this process. After peeling, moisturizing and protection creams and skin layer should be used immediately.

Sea salt peeling can be applied to the whole body. As peeling is applied, because of the movements like massage, the flow rate of the blood increases and indirectly the amount of oxygen transported to all cells increases. This makes easier for the skin to refresh and look brighter. When the peeling process is combined with sea salt, you will love the result on your skin. Because the dead layer is completely removed after peeling, your skin looks more soft and smooth. Sea salt will also help you with skin parts that have different color by making them lighter and a total homogenous look.