Seaweed Body Wrap

Seaweed holds many qualities that comes from growing in the sea and can be utilized in different temperatures. When it is used as a body wrap, it gives an effective “revitalization therapy” treatment for the skin with its detoxifying, moisturizing, hydrating and firming properties.

Seaweed contains essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that our body needs like magnesium and calcium. That’s why using seaweed as a wrap it is a great way of receiving these minerals. During this treatment, after the seaweed paste is applied to your entire body, you get covered with a wrap and left to rest. Your pores start to open as your body temperature rises. This way your body starts to take all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins through your skin.

Seaweed wrap provides detoxification to your body, which makes it very beneficial along with your detox or healthy nutrition program. Its detoxifying effect is very important as eliminates toxins that cause cellulite. Seaweed wrap treatment is a perfect way to tighten and firm your skin. At the same time it softens, remineralize and revitalise your skin.