Cell Therapy Program at The LifeCo Phuket

Cell therapy is not only known for its prowess in healing and recovery, but also for its amazing range of anti-aging and eternal youth benefits! The LifeCo Cell Therapy Program provides a flawless synergy amongst detox and healthy nutrition programs along with supportive therapies at The LifeCo Phuket center, all of which are intended to allow every individual to discover their true wellness potential.

Safe, Natural & Effective

The LifeCo Cell Therapy Program is focused on supporting the individual’s ability to reactivate sleeping stem cells and encouraging them to behave as in their natural manner, allowing the individual to experience phenomenal enhancements in their immunity, combat the ravages of the aging process, augment the body’s natural detoxification processes, and provide optimum upkeep for the whole body including all the vital organs.

What Makes Our Cell Therapy Program Unique?

The unique synergism of The LifeCo’s award-winning detoxification programs combined with supportive therapies and cutting-edge cell therapy provides every individual to maximize and optimize the effects of reawakening stem cells to trigger a series of reactions that would support the following 4R’s:


Repairs damaged cells and tissue


Regenerates new cells and enhances immunity


Reverses the aging process


Rejuvenates the whole body

Bill's Cell Therapy Experience

”Cell Therapy Program at The LifeCo Phuket involves I.V. treatments to prepare the body for stem cells. This actually helps detoxify the body, so the stem cell efficiency is higher!

Mr. Bill T.

7-Day Cell Therapy Program

We highly recommend a 7-day program (accommodation included) where you combine Cell Therapy with a powerful Detox Program and supportive Well-Aging Therapies to ensure you get the optimal result from the program.

Cost of the 7-day Cell Therapy program: 288.000 THB* (9.500 USD)*
*Cell therapy program launch price is valid until the end of 2019.

Throughout this program, we will prepare, heal and support you in reaching your goals. This program uses three phases to approach your rejuvenation:
Pre-program, Cell Application and Post-program.

– Detoxification process
– Doctor consultation and diagnostic* tests
– HBOT** (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy)

During this phase, we prepare your body via detox and and supportive therapies to create the right soil before the stem cell application.

** HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) is a versatile procedure that promotes better oxygenation to the whole body. This procedure can be utilized to enhance tissue repair, promote better recovery from illnesses or injuries, encourage optimum blood flow and circulation, ensure maximal VSEL yield for autologous stem cell extraction and provide excellent support to other well-aging procedures.

We apply VSEL’s to targeted areas to repair & regenerate damages tissues.

– HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy)
– Doctor consultation
– Reposing period and check out

2 x Colon Hydrotherapy
4 x Anti-Aging Infusion
2 x ELT
2 x Wheatgrass Enema

Cell Therapy

Cell Therapy Application 182.000 THB* (6.000 USD)*

*Cell therapy application launch price with 40% discount is valid until the end of 2019.

This price includes cell therapy application without any accommodation, program or therapy.

Minimum length of cell therapy required is 4 days.

Please reach our reservation team to learn about prices for accommodation at The LifeCo Phuket.

Types of Cell Therapy application at The LifeCo: Self or Donor sourced

The LifeCo chooses to utilize a special type of pluripotent (ability to differentiate into any cell or tissue structure) stem cells known as Very Small Embryonic-like stem cells (VSELs). The LifeCo Cell Therapy Program utilizes VSELs from an autologous (self) source. Allogeneic (donor) source is applied only if you bring your own donor with you. A guest can benefit from both therapy methods.

Autologous Blood Derived Cell Therapy is purely a biological therapy where living cells are used to build and revitalize ailing or aged tissues. It harnesses the body’s own innate healing and regenerative abilities.

Allogeneic Blood Derived Cell Therapy collects stem cells from a carefully matched donor, transplants into the guest to suppress the disease and restore the guest’s immune system.

Reservation Inquiry

If you would like to make an inquiry, please fill the reservation form. Once you submit the form, we will get in touch with you and inform you about our programs.You can address your additional questions in the note box. Our reservation team will assist you to pick the right program.

The LifeCo Phuket Cell Therapy Program Frequently Asked Questions

Cell Therapy is an extremely effective therapy with proven results for protecting, healing and renewing parts of the body. It has proven to be very safe and natural to apply becoming a very helpful therapy for people to recover from various health conditions. Cell Therapy can help achieve long lasting improvements in immunity, reversing aging, deep cleansing and nourishment of the body and all vital organs.

Cell Therapy is only available in The LifeCo center in Phuket.

Every guest has their own health journey. That is why, some guests may show results almost immediately compared to the others during the therapy. The improvement can usually be seen between 1st week to 6 months. However, results may differ depending on the length and intensity of the application, as well guest’s conditions.

We recommend you to join our Cell Therapy Program, which includes detoxification, stem cell application and supportive Well-aging therapy packages to enhance your results. Optional add-ons can be acquired before or upon arrival.

• Increase your intake of clear water to 2.5 liters for 24 hours prior to cell therapy.
• Eat healthy fresh food for 2 days before therapy.
• Fast for a minimum of 8 hours before blood harvesting and keep drinking water.
• Avoid vaccinations such as tetanus or influenza in the last 4 weeks before therapy.
• Avoid mild to moderate daily physical activities such as walking or cardio exercise in the last 2 days before therapy.
• Avoid excessive physical activities, exhaustion, overworking and parties in the last 2 days before therapy.
• Avoid Ozone and Chelation Therapy in the last 2 to 3 weeks before stem cell therapy as they can hemolyze the blood.

As water fasting prevents stem cell numbers to be extremely low, guests need to go on water fasting for 8 hours prior to stem cell injection.

If you become unwell before the therapy or if you have any concerns or problems, please contact the clinic. You may need to reschedule your therapy.

For 5 days after therapy:
• Get plenty of sleep and drink lots of plain water.
• Prescribe medication can be taken as usual.
• Refrain from alcohol and caffeine.
• Avoid direct sunlight on the skin (sunburn may divorce stem cells to repair ultraviolet damage).
• Avoid smoking, recreational drugs or non-essential medications.
• Avoid stress, acupuncture, vaccination and ecstatic therapies like botox, filler or laser therapy.
• Avoid showers, SPAs, saunas or baths and use warm water for short showers.
• Reduce mobile phone direct contact to the ear. Use a headset instead.
• Avoid any form of physical exertion that causes sweating or strain on the heart and lungs. (such as running, swimming or vigorous sex)

For one month have a healthy, natural diet.

If you become sick with a sore throat, cough, diarrhea or fever, sick medical advice immediately. We do not want your body combating infection while your stem cells are working.

After the necessary diagnostics and blood tests, guests can benefit from both therapy methods. They can begin with autologous and then continue with allogeneic, based on their individual needs.

Autologous Blood Derived Cell Therapy is recommended to be undertaken once every 6 months.
Allogeneic Blood Derived Cell Therapy can be applied every other day, maximum 4 session in one month. It can even be up to 7 therapies a month. Best timing is once a week, 4 times a month.
However, the frequency of both types of stem cell applications depends on the response of the guest as well as the doctor’s evaluation.

Yes. If you prefer, you can bring your donor along, someone from your family or your close circle. However, a comprehensive blood test needs to be processed to ensure the suitability for the therapy prior to coming.

A compatible pair is a donor and guest that are biologically compatible, meaning the donors should be from the guest’s family or close circle. Because an individual’s blood is mostly compatible with his/her relatives.
If you have any doubts, you can run additional tests to determine compatibility before the therapy.

Prior to coming to The LifeCo Phuket, a comprehensive blood test result of the donor will be asked to ensure their suitability for the therapy. Donors will be retested once the guests arrive at our center.

Only if you prefer. Your blood will be retested in our center in order not to miss any biological changes.

It is not painful at all. Use of professional equipments during the application works effectively to avoid any possible pain.

As a precaution, guests with high cancer markers should not try cell therapy. Guests with a fever or anemia and pregnant women should also avoid cell therapy

Although it is not common, there is a 2 to 3% chance that the blood of the patient cannot be used to process Stem Cells:
• If the blood is Hemolyzed meaning that some of the red blood has been damaged and the plasma turned pink.
This happens when the guest has done Ozone or Chelation Therapy in the last 2 to 3 weeks. Some prescription drugs may also cause this to happen.

• When the plasma is Lipemic, meaning that there is fat in the plasma.
This happens when the guest does not fast over 8 hours or suffers from a condition that may cause the blood to be lipemic. In this case stem cells will be extremely low, and we will reject processing if this occurs.

• If the guest is extremely dehydrated and plasma separation is not good.
In very rare cases, there is not enough plasma for IM injection. In this case, the guest cannot proceed with this therapy.

In very rare cases, the blood of the guest cannot be used to process stem cells. In this case, you will be only responsible for paying your accommodation and travel expenses. Cell therapy will be refunded in full.

However, if you do something you were supposed to avoid during the therapy, The LifeCo does not accept any responsibility and will not issue any refund of the therapy.