Thalgo Body Care

Thalgo Body Care includes Thalgo’s world-famous, professional care products to give that give a long-lasting relief to your body, and is a solution to common problems such as cellulite.

Thalgo body care products are formulated by rich minerals. Thalgo body care is applied professionally to the whole body to increases blood circulation and revitalizes your body. Skin cleansing, massage and firming wrap are the basis of our body care session. Thalgo body care focuses also on the regional cellulite problem. This anti-cellulite treatment effectively supports the slimming process.

This new generation, body care includes regional massages, which are tailored to your body type. This massage is applied to areas with problems such as cellulite or sagging and shows a firming effect. Thalgo body care, designed to meet all your body’s need, shows its positive effect even from the first session.