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25April 20165 Reasons Why You Must Go to Turkey's Best Detox Health Resort BLOG


Summer holidays are the most cherished annual event in our lives. That time of the year when we can disconnect from our mundane everyday lives to explore new places. But have you thought about making your summer holidays a life-changing experience? There exits a place in picturesque beaches of Bodrum (Turkey) where you can relax, rejuvenate and rebuild yourself while vacationing. The LifeCo Bodrum is a popular detox health resort located in beautiful coastal town of Bodrum. Its many celebrity guests include the likes of Kate Moss.

Let us give you 5 great reasons to plan your wellness vacation in Bodrum:

The Facility

The LifeCo Bodrum is located just 10 minutes away from turquoise beaches and is surrounded by lush green orange trees. The resort has 30 guest rooms,swimming pool, Yoga room, therapy rooms, gym and a raw food cafe. Hundreds of people have benefited from its 'lifestyle change program'. All detox programs are customized by a doctor based on individual's needs and goals. The entire program is conducted under expert supervision.

Mirey, who manages the facility, says,

“Our detox program has been created after years of research and has helped people reverse hypertension, diabetes, stress and other disorders. Our program takes a 360 degrees approach to health –  that is why we focus on both physical as well as mental aspects of well-being. A typical  program includes raw vegan diet, daily exercise, Yoga, meditation and natural therapies to aid detox”

The Food

This is one of the very few health resorts in the world that serves 100% organic raw and vegan food as a part of its detox program. Look at the pictures! Can you even believe that all these delicious looking dishes have been made using only fresh and raw ingredients?

“A detox diet can look mouth-wateringly yummy too! We serve dishes made from healthy raw food such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, natural oils, sprouts and greens. But we prepare them in such a way that they look no less than menu items on Michelin star restaurants”, tells Donastas the chef-in-chief at The Lifeco Bodrum.

The Therapies

This health resort offers more than 40 therapies that promise to cleanse you from inside out. Massages, reflexology, colon hydrotherapy, ozone therapy, infrared sauna, anti-aging therapies and the list goes on. You are prescribed two to three therapies per day depending on your detox program.

“We have best of the machines and staff to offer therapies that are hard to find anywhere else in the world. These therapies have been developed in consultation with leading doctors and health experts and aim to make detox faster and more effective”, claims Ersin – the founder of The LifeCo.

The Location

Bodrum is home to lovely beaches and boasts of a rich history. After all, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world is here in Bodrum. Bodrum has earned a reputation of being the perfect holiday destination after Ronaldo, Catherine Zeta Jones and Tom Cruise where spotted holidaying here. So, come explore the beautiful Bodrum on your wellness vacation to The Lifeco Bodrum.

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