Aromatherapy Massage

If you feel stressed, overly tired and exhausted, need something that is good for your body and your psychology, and also if you want to relax and calm rather than a tiring muscle kneading massage, the answer will be Aromatherapy Massage.

This massage, which has been given since the days of ancient Chinese, Egyptian and Indian civilizations, uses pure aromatic oils. These oils are obtained from special parts of plants such as roots, resin, leaves or blossoms, and have curative effects on both mental and physical systems and a very positive impact on the body. The aromatic oils used in this massage can be tranquilizing or revitalizing, eliminate pain, detoxify, renew cells, stimulate or relax muscles, or create calmness in insomniacs, depending on the types of oils used.

The history of treatment with aromatic oils is very old. Although mostly seen in the Far East culture, it was sometimes used for treatment with vegetable oils also in the west and its healing effects were discovered in those days. Aromatic oils, which contain herbal essences as a result of physical processes by extraction of plants, are indispensable element of aromatherapy massage.

Happiness With Aromatherapy Massage
After a bad day or when you need to relax, you can retreat away from all bad feelings with both the nice odor effect of aromatic oils stimulating your brain and relaxation of massage itself. You will feel relieved deeply.

Aromatic oils are 100% organic and natural. Each of the aromatic oils with more than 3000 varieties is known to have a different healing effect. These oils are used in the treatment of pain, muscle spasms, depression, insomnia and many other diseases such as asthma.

Aromatic oils, which have antibacterial, therapeutical, soothing or even aphrodisiac effects, are much more effective when combined with aromatherapy massage.

During massage, due to the volatile nature of the oils, these molecules are spreading into the air. You smell those oils and calm besides physical relaxation. At the same time your body temperature is increasing during massage so your skin absorp the oil much easier.

Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage
Each of the oils used in aromatherapy massage has different healing effects. Some oils help you relax, while some oils have opposite effects that will increase your energy.

Aromatherapic oils make massage movements easier and reduce friction on your skin, as well as make it easier to warm up your skin surface, resulting in a more effective massage session. Warmed skin also accelerates the relaxation of muscle and tissue. Besides all, these oils which have healing properties are effective in skin care, too. Your skin will look like much more smooth and shining after aromatherapy massage.

During aromatherapy massage with different and beautiful scents, your brain will react to these odors positively and your stress level will decrease. Provides an improvement from inside. Psychologically, the effect of oil scent is a positive and effective support for disorders such as anxiety, depression and insomnia. Aromatic oils can be selected according to your own wish and expectation. Using this selected oils and the smell that you like will increase the effect of aromatherapy massage.

Studies shows that it is quite effective for women menstrual pain and massage with herbal oils attenuated problems such as cramps. It also has a mitigating effect on menopausal symptoms effects women. With the help of aromatherapy massage that is performed 1 or 2 times a week, it is possible to prevent such cramps, pain and chronic fatigue and to alleviate the symptoms in this process.

Aromatherapy oils should not be mixed with synthetic oils. These herbal oils can create miracles thanks to their strong effects and healing properties if they can meet right experts and therapists. The quality and freshness of the oil used in aromatherapy massage is a crucial factor for effectiveness. The way in how the plant is extracted can even affect the process. Extracting naturally means that the plant has no harm inside (chemically) and still has the ability to heal.

Healing Power of Aromatic Oils
Lavender oil, lemon oil, rose oil, chamomile oil, geranium oil, ylang-ylang, eucalyptus and rosemary oil are just a few of the oils that can be used during aromatherapy massage. Sometimes expert therapists can mix these oils for different properties. Each of them has a different healing feature and each has a unique odor. Thanks to the healing power of these plants and the expert therapists massage method appropriate to your body structure, tissue and muscle can be free from spasms and pains, and most importantly with the help of their nice and beautiful odor, you will be free from stress and fatigue that may arise due to your daily routine.

One of the most beautiful gifts you can give yourself and your body is aromatherapy massage. You can get rid of your daily routine and feel yourself dynamic and energetic. Healing power that derives from nature make you feel good inside.

In addition to all this peace and tranquility, you will gain inner balance and you will feel your energy and dynamism increase. Through the massage you will get more healthy body and psychology along with the increase in blood flow and the increase of oxygen reaching your cells. Just enjoy with this good mood!