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Our body works with many different systems, tissues, and organs. All these must work effectively and harmoniously to protect our physical and mental health. Massage is one of the fastest and most effective ways to protect and optimize our health.

By stimulating many different points in the body, massage helps to reduce tension, pain and stress, improve blood flow, provide relaxation, regulate digestion, increase sleep quality and relax joints.

You can attend different massage sessions, from classical massage to traditional massages such as Thai, Balinese and Aromatherapy, from sports massage to lymphatic drainage massage at TheLifeCo Bodrum and Akra Antalya centers. You can plan the most suitable massage and the number of sessions with expert therapists.

The Most Relaxing and Joyful Way To Get Free From Your Cellulites: Massage

Massage is often seen as a complementary and holistic part of all treatments. It has positive effects on many problems such as anxiety, depression, stress disorder. In addition, it has a strong effect on physical pain. Traditional 4 Hands Bali Massage is one of the most effective and beneficial techniques on your wellbeing.

What is a Traditional 4 Hands Bali Massage?
The ultimate relaxation, where two therapists perform a symphony, offering asymmetry through special pressure point massage techniques, truly pampering you from head to toe. This treatment is highly recommended if you can’t afford the time, but need the benefit of a 2 or 3 hour massage. Also, it is a great gift idea for massage lovers.

This massage uses techniques from Shiatsu, Thai, Bali and Hawaiian massage. It is a rhythmic and fluent sort of massage which is usually applied using arms and elbows. While the blood and oxygen flow increases in the body, it allows you to relax and boosts your immune system.

What Are the Techniques of Traditional 4 Hand Bali Massage?
The four-hand massage, which doubles the impact of traditional Balinese massage, is carried out by two experts applying similar techniques In an authentic setting. This massage technique used by two experienced therapists in harmony with each other in specific regions is mainly focused on providing relief in the regions of pain and muscle tissue.

Your therapists also perform long, soft strokes and kneading movements to relieve tension in muscles near the skin surface and improve circulation. This helps your body and muscles stretch, and you feel much more relaxed.

Benefits of Traditional 4-Hand Bali Massage

  • It is more effective than other massage techniques as it is done with two specialist therapists.
  • Accelerates blood flow in a short time due to double-sided movements.
  • Increases the flow of oxygen and energy.
  • It has a positive effect on psychological disorders such as stress, anxiety, sleep disorder and depression.
  • It has positive effects on the digestive system and the immune system.
  • Helps to regeneration of the skin due to increased blood flow and muscle relaxation with the simultaneous pressure at different points of the body.
  • The lymphatic system, which plays an important role in the removal of toxins and wastes in the body, works more effectively due to the increased blood flow.

Traditional 4 Hands Bali Massage technique focuses on muscle tissue, and it will provide a quick solution for pain, tension and fatigue in your body. This treatment will add dynamism to your body in different areas, alongside helping you feel refreshed and relieved psychologically.

If you feel stressed, overly tired and exhausted, need something that is good for your body and your psychology, and also if you want to relax and calm rather than a tiring muscle kneading massage, the answer will be Aromatherapy Massage.

This massage, which has been given since the days of ancient Chinese, Egyptian and Indian civilizations, uses pure aromatic oils. These oils are obtained from special parts of plants such as roots, resin, leaves or blossoms, and have curative effects on both mental and physical systems and a very positive impact on the body. The aromatic oils used in this massage can be tranquilizing or revitalizing, eliminate pain, detoxify, renew cells, stimulate or relax muscles, or create calmness in insomniacs, depending on the types of oils used.

The history of treatment with aromatic oils is very old. Although mostly seen in the Far East culture, it was sometimes used for treatment with vegetable oils also in the west and its healing effects were discovered in those days. Aromatic oils, which contain herbal essences as a result of physical processes by extraction of plants, are indispensable element of aromatherapy massage.

Happiness With Aromatherapy Massage
After a bad day or when you need to relax, you can retreat away from all bad feelings with both the nice odor effect of aromatic oils stimulating your brain and relaxation of massage itself. You will feel relieved deeply.

Aromatic oils are 100% organic and natural. Each of the aromatic oils with more than 3000 varieties is known to have a different healing effect. These oils are used in the treatment of pain, muscle spasms, depression, insomnia and many other diseases such as asthma.

Aromatic oils, which have antibacterial, therapeutical, soothing or even aphrodisiac effects, are much more effective when combined with aromatherapy massage.

During massage, due to the volatile nature of the oils, these molecules are spreading into the air. You smell those oils and calm besides physical relaxation. At the same time your body temperature is increasing during massage so your skin absorp the oil much easier.

Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage
Each of the oils used in aromatherapy massage has different healing effects. Some oils help you relax, while some oils have opposite effects that will increase your energy.

Aromatherapic oils make massage movements easier and reduce friction on your skin, as well as make it easier to warm up your skin surface, resulting in a more effective massage session. Warmed skin also accelerates the relaxation of muscle and tissue. Besides all, these oils which have healing properties are effective in skin care, too. Your skin will look like much more smooth and shining after aromatherapy massage.

During aromatherapy massage with different and beautiful scents, your brain will react to these odors positively and your stress level will decrease. Provides an improvement from inside. Psychologically, the effect of oil scent is a positive and effective support for disorders such as anxiety, depression and insomnia. Aromatic oils can be selected according to your own wish and expectation. Using this selected oils and the smell that you like will increase the effect of aromatherapy massage.

Studies shows that it is quite effective for women menstrual pain and massage with herbal oils attenuated problems such as cramps. It also has a mitigating effect on menopausal symptoms effects women. With the help of aromatherapy massage that is performed 1 or 2 times a week, it is possible to prevent such cramps, pain and chronic fatigue and to alleviate the symptoms in this process.

Aromatherapy oils should not be mixed with synthetic oils. These herbal oils can create miracles thanks to their strong effects and healing properties if they can meet right experts and therapists. The quality and freshness of the oil used in aromatherapy massage is a crucial factor for effectiveness. The way in how the plant is extracted can even affect the process. Extracting naturally means that the plant has no harm inside (chemically) and still has the ability to heal.

Healing Power of Aromatic Oils
Lavender oil, lemon oil, rose oil, chamomile oil, geranium oil, ylang-ylang, eucalyptus and rosemary oil are just a few of the oils that can be used during aromatherapy massage. Sometimes expert therapists can mix these oils for different properties. Each of them has a different healing feature and each has a unique odor. Thanks to the healing power of these plants and the expert therapists massage method appropriate to your body structure, tissue and muscle can be free from spasms and pains, and most importantly with the help of their nice and beautiful odor, you will be free from stress and fatigue that may arise due to your daily routine.

One of the most beautiful gifts you can give yourself and your body is aromatherapy massage. You can get rid of your daily routine and feel yourself dynamic and energetic. Healing power that derives from nature make you feel good inside.

In addition to all this peace and tranquility, you will gain inner balance and you will feel your energy and dynamism increase. Through the massage you will get more healthy body and psychology along with the increase in blood flow and the increase of oxygen reaching your cells. Just enjoy with this good mood!

Thai massage works on the theory of intrinsic energy flow and energy balance to promote better health and healing processes. This massage concentrates on the careful application of pressure to distribute energy, release blockages and stretch the muscles, leaving the body relaxed, energetic and free from stiffness. The effect is similar to a yoga work-out which is applied to you by a therapist.

This special massage brings centuries-old knowledge to the present and is enhanced with the support of healing methods from nearby civilizations. It is also known as “passive yoga”. Thai massage is based both on spiritual fundamentals like tranquility, composure, peace, awareness, purification and rejuvenation, and physical fundamentals like relaxation, strengthening, and revitalization. The concept also has an emotional basis, connecting to psychological values such as love, compassion, and respect. The person applying the Thai Massage to the patient experiences the unique feeling of being unified, intimate sharing and giving without expecting anything. It is a whole-body massage without oil. After the patient puts on traditional Thai massage clothing, the massage begins with stretching and pressing movements that relax the body. Because of these stretching movements, it can be also be called “lazy yoga”. Thai Massage is an amazing and colorful combination of acupressure, Shiatsu and yoga principles, which incorporates stretching, pressure, point-pressure, and soft vibrational activities. It is also known as active meditation because it nurtures our heart, energy lines, and the physical body.

Chi Nei Tsang is a powerful ancient therapeutical massage found in Thai and Chinese Medicine. Chi means ‘energy’ and Nei Tsang means ‘organs’. This abdominal massage involves a gentle technique that helps the internal organs to work more adequately and relieve emotional charges.

If the abdominal area is congested, the whole energy of the body is blocked, slowly weakening the internal organs and decreasing energy and vitality. Chi Nei Tsang is an internal organ massage works directly over the navel and surrounding abdominal areas where stress, tension, and negative emotions accumulate.

Chi Nei Tsang focuses on your vital organs to reduce physical and emotional toxins. While it gives the ultimate relaxation to the body, it also strengthens the immune system. Even this abdominal massage is preferred more for its benefits on abdominal pain relief, Chi Nei Tsang is also beneficial to increase fertility. You can use Chi Nei Tsang for multiple needs such as menstruation pain, colon and intestine problems or energizing your body through your internal organs. Chi Nei Tsang is perfect for reduce chronic pain and as well as depression.

Benefits of Abdominal Chi Nei Tsang Massage
Here are some other benefits of Abdominal Chi Nei Tsang Massage:

  • Supports physical and emotional energy levels of the body.
  • Detoxifies the internal organs.
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system.
  • Releases anxiety and tension.
  • Reduces toxins in the gastrointestinal system.
  • Improves immune system.
  • Gives ultimate relaxation and strength to the body.
  • Stimulates internal organs.
  • Helps to correct natural posture.
  • Treats digestive problems such as bloating and irritable bowel syndrome.

During this unique therapy heated volcanic stones are applied to the body. The stones are placed where they can be most effective during the massage. The heat increases heart rate and breathing, enhances the elasticity of body tissues, accelerates metabolism and stimulates oxygen transfer to cells.

How is the Hot Stone Massage Performed?
Specially selected basalt stones are heated to a reasonable temperature and brought to a degree that the body can tolerate. Afterwards, these stones are placed in certain chakra regions of the body. When the massage starts on the heated area, blood flow and muscle relaxation happen much faster and more effective.

After the stones are placed, the heated areas on the body respond more to the massage with aromatherapy oils. Body relaxes and blood flow quickly increases with the application of kneading, squeezing,shaking and various intensity presses. Increased blood flow reaches more cells and thus oxygen is delivered to more cells. On the other hand, the hot stones placed in certain regions protect their temperature throughout the massage and prevent the cooling of these areas and decrease of the flow. This helps to keep entire body flow synchronized. As the body does not cool, the massage becomes more effective.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage
It has been proven by many studies that the heat is good for rheumatism, muscle and joint pain and also chronic pain. Thus, hot stone massage is very beneficial. The optimum temperature and positioning of stones are one of the most important factors. The stones which are outside the chakras or placed at the wrong points will not have any extra effect during the massage. Therefore, this massage should be performed with experienced expert therapists. Otherwise, you may experience problems such as scars or burns on the skin.

The placement of stones in special chakra points at the appropriate temperatures forms the basis of the hot stone therapy. You will feel the massage movements more precisely thanks to the temperature. Therefore, the signals sent to the person’s brain will be more effective during this experience. The stimulation of the body with both temperature and massage movements will relax the person more. It is also believed that volcanic stones have the healing power of. Combination of massage, temperature and the energy of special stones will make the person feel better, alive and fit.

What is Lymph Drainage Massage?
Manual lymph drainage is a massage that helps reduce edema before and after clinical surgeries and get rid of lines resulting from pregnancy. It is also used to shape and firm the body as a weight loss therapy.

This is a gentle massage that focuses on the body’s lymphatic system to activate the circulation of lymphatic fluid and stimulate the immune and parasympathetic nervous systems. The results include reduced swelling, detoxification, tissue regeneration, and many other benefits.

Faster, better and longer-lasting results can be achieved when combined with Electro Lymphatic Therapy, TurboSonic Vibration Therapy, and Bodyter.

Why Choose Lymph Drainage Massage and How is it Applied?
Waste in the body is collected in a normal healthy lymphatic circulation and removed from the body by urine. However, if this system does not work properly, the circulation of the lymph is also disrupted and sometimes clogged since the wastes cannot get away from the body. In this case, the formation of edema in the region causes a poor circulation and different complaints.

A bad flow in the lymphatic system and edemas in the body can show symptoms such as pain, numbness and swelling by showing itself especially in arms and legs. A very large percentage of people who experience this problem also have cellulite problems as cellulite is a lymphatic circulatory disorder . Therefore, lymph drainage massage is a very important type of massage and treatment for relieving these problems and complaints.

The lymphatic circulatory system under the skin layer is targeted by lymph drainage massage methods. During the massage, movements aim to penetrate the tissue. Kneading, squeezing, pressures of various severity are applied for the acceleration of the circulation at the points where this flow is blocked and removal of these blockages. The expert therapist can apply this massage locally according to the person’s complaints. This way, the lymph circulation will be accelerated and the wastes that cause the edema and swelling will also be removed more easily from the body.

When the waste and toxins are not removed from the body, it causes problems in the skin layer along with edema. Acne and pimple problems can be caused by the lack of proper functioning of the lymph circulation system. On the other hand, This is an effective massage method for the people with weight problems, hormonal imbalances and menopause.

You can enjoy the massage experience together! Couple massage that has recently increased in popularity may be the perfect gift for your partner. Special massage for one couple who want to enjoy a side-by-side massage in the same room with two different therapists applying the massage in a room with enough space for two people. Think of it as a gift, or think of it as a time to spend together, If you have a special massage together, you will be with someone next to you and share your sense of relaxation that will make you even happier.

What Happens During a Couples Massage?
The only difference that differentiates couple massage from the other types of massage is that two people in the same room at the same time having massage experience. With two different therapists, the couples can request the type of massage they want and need. Research shows that when the person shares the similar experience with someone else, the effect of the pleasure and the experience increases.

In a romantic relationship, couples usually want to share every moment and do something together. On the other hand, being with a person who has never had a massage before can also make the person feel more comfortable during the massage.

You may want to give yourself or to your partner a gift, you may want to spend this moment together and make it more special, the answer will be the couple massage. You will feel much better and more relaxed when you experience a treatment method such as massage that heals both psychologically and physically.

On the other hand, this person does not necessarily have to be your partner; you may want to experience couple massage with your best friend or a family member. To surprise them or spend a meaningful and valuable time together will be an indication of how much you think of them. After the massage, you can take part in different sessions and spend all your day with yourself and your loved ones.

You can refresh yourself with the beneficial effects of cacao by having a pleasant cacao massage session. This massage uses warm cacao oil which revitalizes and moisturizes your skin. While your circulation is improving, your body is enveloped in a captivating scent. You will feel extremely happy, one of the positive side-effects of cacao. The oil also helps your skin tan more easily.

Benefits of Cacao Massage
Cacao has been used in many areas since its discovery, both as a nutrient and because of its aromatic fragrance, which gives happiness. Cacao massage is one of these areas of use. Warm cacao oil is applied with gentle massage movements and provides relaxation while your body is accompanied by beautiful fragrances.

It has been scientifically proven that cacao supports estrogen hormone and provides ‘the happiness hormone’ serotonin. Cacao, which is also a good antioxidant, enables the blood circulation to accelerate through the massage and cleanse the body from toxins. The refreshing effect of cacao oil opens the pores, gives your skin a softer and brighter appearance.

Cacao contains high amounts of caffeine that stimulates the body and supports blood flow. Thus, circulatory problems such as cellulite and edema are eliminated. It also supports your detox process by accelerating fat burning and helps your body to be tighter and fitter.

The first body part that comes to mind when we say massage is generally back. This part of our body, where we feel the most intense pain, need the most relief, is highly affected by posture disorders, carrying bags, choosing wrong beds, doing sports, various bone diseases and physiological disorders. Back massage is also one of the most effective forms of treatment for these pains.

The function of the spine in the body is critical and important. The musculoskeletal system that supports it is also concentrated in this area and our arms, legs and neck which we use actively in daily life can be used more effectively with a healthy back. The first thing for a strong and flexible body is that the muscles and tissues should be flexible and healthy in the back region Healthy means that the blood flow is progressing smoothly, that the tissue and muscles are not stiff or stuck, and that they do not restrict the movements of the arms, legs and neck.

On the other hand, physical disorders such as rheumatism and bone disorders, as well as psychological disorders such as stress and anxiety, can cause tensions and stresses in the back.

What are the techniques of back massage?
Classical massage techniques applied in the back area is performed. This may be a Swedish massage or a Balinese massage, but what is important here is what the complaint is and what should be the method of treating the back area. We can include deep tissue massage also.

The importance of back massage can be summarized as accelerating the flow of blood in the middle part of the body, so increasing the movement and flexibility of our body and supporting our posture.

The back massage is applied on a massage bed where you can be comfortable and release your arms and your legs. Kneading, strokes, pressures of different intensities and vibrations are applied to accelerate the movement of blood flow through the neck, arms and legs. It is aimed to stretch and relax these areas. A variety of aromatherapy oils are generally used during back massage. These oils ease the movement by reducing the friction and nice fragrances makes the massage a pleasant experience.

Back massage is generally suggested to people who especially have chronic pains, slouch along, sitting still too much in front of the computer, having neck hernia or neck flattening. This massage will help to deal with these problems.

Increased blood flow and stretching of the muscles allows the person to improve the posture, reduce the severity of his chronic pain, alleviate the effects of the problems that have turned into physical pain by psychological reasons such as stress, anxiety, and improve use of the arms and legs more effectively.

Stimulation of the spine, which has an important role in the central nervous system, is one of the most effective causes of pain relief. During the kneading, squeezing and vibration movements, multiple stimulation will be formed along the spine and nerve endings will affect the whole body through the transmission system. Therefore, pain and movement constraints on limbs such as hands, feet, arms, legs will be reduced. Especially the waist area which is the center of the body and lifting the whole load will be relaxed and stretched after this massage.

What is Reflexology?
Reflexology is a form of treatment, applying pressure to open the blocked energy paths in order to connect with the points especially with the reflex points in the feet, hands and ears to heal the problematic parts of the body. With 5000 years history, reflexology was born first in China. It is a treatment especially in far east culture.

In reflexology, the left foot represents the left side of the body and the right foot represents the right side of the body.

Foot reflexology is an important form of treatment in order to decrease our complaints and support our treatment process by focusing on certain points in our feet. Foot massage techniques are the first to come to mind when we say reflexology and it is the oldest treatment method improved over the years and increased the effectiveness of the treatment. The flow of energy is ensured by determining the correct points in the feet, hands and ears and by sending this flow to the relevant organs.

What are Reflexology Points and What is Reflexology Map?
Reflexology works in conjunction with the central nervous system. Each of the reflex points on the foot, in particular, stimulates a different organ. It is aimed to eliminate the disease or complaint with this specific organ. For example; The junction points of the second and third fingers in the foot are associated with the eye. Complaints such as pain or fatigue in the eyes, can be eliminated by targeting these regions with the help of reflexology massage. This pressure on the toes sends the energy flow to the eyes with the nervous system.

The middle part of the foot (inner side) transmit the signal directly to the brain. Therefore, stress, headache, anxiety, should be treated by applying reflexology massage in this part of the foot. Reflexology techniques are designed according to the reflexology foot map. This massage techniques can be varied and reflexology foot map is a guide for a person’s complaints and treatment desire.

How is Reflexology Massage performed?
The place of ​​reflexology massage is similar to other massage treatments. What is important here is that the person should be sitting or lying in a suitable area, where the person can relax and feel the effects of the treatment in a comfortable place.

The person who comes with a variety of psychological complaints such as panic attack, depression or chronic headache, should explain all of them to reflexology specialist to find and determined appropriate reflex points for a effective treatment.

Determining the right reflex points is the most crucial step. Based on the foot size, we know that there are too many reflex points and choosing the right reflex point is the most important starting criterion for reflexology massage

Once the reflex points are determined on the feet and hands, the reflexology specialist starts to apply pressure at certain intensities. Different points can also be stimulated for a holistic treatment. The nerve system is stimulated in this process and the transmission of this pressure to the organs forms the basis of reflexology techniques.

In Which Disease, Reflexology is a support treatment?
Reflexology is used frequently as a form of supportive treatment for psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, physical disorders such as neck pain, backache, neurological disorders and also even in disorders related to sexual health.

Since the hand, foot and ear regions are connected to the central nervous system and organs, a personalized treatment is created and the reflexology specialist applies the massage.

What is Shiatsu Massage?
Perhaps you have always heard Shiatsu massage, but you probably do not know what it is really! Shiatsu massage is a massage method that is performed with the help of fingers in certain parts of the body. Shiatsu massage, a type of massage of Japan origin, is based on the body’s self-healing and balance philosophy and inspired by ancient Chinese treatment methods and blended with western techniques. Shiatsu means finger pressure in Japanese. Pressure is applied to certain body parts based on the energy flow and the physical structure and balance of the body. The energy flow should be able to circulate in the whole body uninterruptedly. It is believed that the body can heal itself. If blood flow is slow in certain parts and fast in others, the whole body cannot relax or feel energetic. It should be homogenous and that is the way to have a healthy and energetic body.

What are Shiatsu Massage Techniques?
The techniques of Shiatsu massage have enriched over time. The common goal of the techniques created by philosophical approaches or theoretical physical approaches is to make the right touches to the right areas. If you have a healthy body, energy flow is uninterrupted and blood flow can reach anywhere in the whole body in an equal way. With the finger pressure, it is intended to open these obstruction body parts and let the blood and energy flow at the same speed as the whole body.

What are the Benefits of Shiatsu Massage?
The massage styles, which are derived from traditional eastern philosophy, are quite different from Western techniques and approaches. Simultaneous improvement of mind and body is also at the core of Shiatsu massage. The movements made by taking into account the energy flow of the whole body accelerate the circulation system of the body, the blood flow is accelerated as well as the distribution of blood to all parts of the body is aimed. In this way, it is expected that there will be a decrease in pain or complaints, but increase mental relaxation and physical strength. Because, in this energy flow, each organ is also believed to be related to a feeling. However, this does not mean that there are diseases in certain organs, it means there might be a balance problem and an interruption in the flow of energy. The elimination of this imbalance with the help of Shiatsu massage and finger movements leads to a feeling of relaxation and energy in the whole body.

Why Should You Prefer Shiatsu Massage?
Shiatsu massage, which decrease the tension in the muscle tissue and increase the flexibility of the tissue with the finger presses applied to the whole body, accelerate the flow and will relax you immediately. It will make you feel more energetic and mentally more vigorous after the massage. It helps to reduce the complaints such as headache, back pain, neck and shoulder pain or menstrual pain. Technically it is like acupuncture. Because it targets muscle tissue, the finger pressures increase the blood flow and this let the muscle to feed enough.

Since it has an effect on circulation in the capillaries in the soft tissues of the skin, it will have an effect also your skin care by making it more smooth and fresh.

The energy around our head and face are very important for us to feel vibrant in our daily life. Sometimes both these areas need a special treatment for us to relax. This is a relaxation massage that focuses on the head, neck, and scalp, which are important energy centers within the body. It has a balancing effect as it helps to release stress and tension, creating a sense of peace and well-being.

Benefits of Head and Face Massage
This massage is applied directly to the important stimulatory points in the head and face through specialized therapists and aims to relax these regions by the effect of aromatic oils. Massage that is applied to your head and neck through smooth movements reduces stress and relaxes your muscles. This application clears negative energy collected around your head by increasing blood circulation.

Our face is like a mirror that shows our health and youthfulness. The reasons such as environmental factors, stress, aging, fatigue, inadequate sleep, poor nutrition and smoking can cause our face to look a tired and pale image over time. Some of the most important acupuncture points in the body are located in the head and face. Head and face massage focuses on pain relief points. During this massage, many painkiller points such as center of the eyebrows and the sides of the eyes get triggered and blood flow increases in the different regions of the body. In addition, the blood flow in the face provides reduction in wrinkles, under-eye bags and dark circles. Head and face massage has a rejuvenating effect helps you have a tighten and shinier face skin.

Muscle stiffness in the neck and shoulders can cause pain, numbness in the arms and a feeling of tiredness. This massage relaxes muscle contraction and relieves pain that related to stress, computer-related problems and false sitting positions. Relaxation of the neck and shoulders helps to improve the posture.

Bali Aromatherapy Massage is a traditional massage that was invented in Bali. This massage practices rhythmic, vigorous strokes using both elbows and forearms work to release tension and enhance flexibility. This therapy is traditionally known for its attributes of increasing metabolic rate. By incorporating the aromatic oils like cinnamon and Ylang-Ylang you will experience a surge in energy and benefit from the elimination of bodily toxins that is a natural by-product of this therapy.

The history of the Balinese massage with aromatic oils is very old. It was first seen in Indonesia, but became popular after Bali became a popular tourist destination. Scented based essential oils, which we call Aromatic oils, that contain herbal essences as a result of physical processes by extraction of plants, are indispensable element of aromatherapy massage.

What makes this massage therapy very relaxing are aromatic and essential oils added to massage oil and lotion. The aromatic oils used in this massage are are 100% organic and natural. This is a great combination of benefits of a massage and the healing oils. During Bali Aromatherapy massage, you can inhale calming essential oils through your nose. This evokes your senses while calming you. These essential oils are also absorbed through the skin during the session.

Benefits of Bali Aromatherapy Massage
Each of the aromatic oils used in this massage has different healing effects. While some of them makes you feel calm, other ones can increase your energy.

The main benefit of Bali aromatherapy massage is reducing stress. With the help of aromatic oils, stress and negative feelings will be removed from your body after this massage session. It helps to balance your body, mind and soul in harmony. Our therapist also pressures the right points of your body to relieve tension and improve circulation. Having a better circulation helps other parts of the body to become healthier.

Rhythmic, vigorous strokes using both elbows and forearms stimulate the flow of blood and increase oxygen around your body. This massage is applied with gentle and bitter strokes to relieve strained and stiff muscles. It can help relax the muscles around the neck and back and prevent pain. This massage also helps reduce fatigue and improve the quality of sleep as it triggers feelings of relaxation.

Sports massage, also known as connective tissue massage, this therapy is ideal for dancers, athletes and those who do an intense physical activity. The primary difference between sports massage and other classic massages is the rhythm and depth of the strokes applied during the massage.

Sports Massage Therapy Techniques
The techniques of sports massage change according to the type and time (as pre and post) sports activity. There are different ways of application before the activity both for relieving cramping and muscle tension and extending the exercising the capacity in a holistic manner. Additionally, sports massage is applied to different areas on the body to prevent the problems such as stiffness and different complaints such as pain and disability.

Sports massage is a must for a sportsman. Although warming and stretching are performed, it will not be enough for some parts of the body and the person will not be ready for enough competitions. Sports massage is applied with the specialized techniques in order not to decrease the expected performance from the body that will enter into a challenging struggle. It supports the success of the athlete and prevents the physical pain caused by the disability, buckling, misalignment.

Benefits of Sports Massage
After the sports massage applied, the athlete or the person who will perform an intense activity will have faster blood flow in his body, relaxer and more flexible muscles and will be able to prepare for the match more easily before and after the warm-up. One of the areas that sports massage is most effective is during the sport massage. Applying these techniques to increase the capacity of the person, whether or not the person is tired or not, will contribute to the success of the athlete and will help to eliminate the symptoms such as injury or fatigue.

You can read more about benefits of sports massage below:

  • It increases the flexibility of the person and makes the movements easier.
  • It will increase the performance of the athlete. The person will feel less tired with increasing flexibility and metabolic rate.
  • Increasing the flexibility of athletes and blood flow will also help them to warm up more easily and prevent injuries that may occur.
  • As the muscle starts to get tired, it cannot be fed with enough oxygen and needs rest periods so that it can store the energy it needs to recover again. Sports massage helps the person get away from fatigue and ready for competition.
  • During sports, the body temperature is increased as the body is not stable. In order to be more powerful and flexible, this temperature must be balanced.
  • Loosing water from the body shakes the balance.
  • Therefore, the sports massage is important in order to regain this balance.
  • It is not appropriate for a tired body to rest immediately after sports as muscles can be at the risk of being damaged. Therefore, the sports massage prepares the athlete’s body to rest after sport. The relaxation of the muscles helps to ensure that the high performance is gradually shifting back into the resting phase.

Deep tissue sports massage is quite different from classical massage and should be applied by experts. It is a form of massage that requires technical knowledge to improve performance as well as a form of treatment. This massage technique is almost indispensable for a professional athlete. Even if you’re an amateur, you’ll be amazed by how much you can achieve in any physical activity with a sports massage.

The Balinese massage is a holistic massage method that targets the entire body and deep tissue together. At the same time, Balinese massage helps the mental healing as well as physical treatment. This unique massage method of Eastern culture has gained its current form by feeded from India, China and South Asia. The aim of the massage is that you feel as good as you can. The herbal oils used during the massage are similar to those of ancient India’s Ayurverda massage techniques. Although the techniques and practice of the Balinese massage are very old, the records of Balinese massage techniques began to be recorded only 100 years ago.

What is Bali Massage and What are its Techniques?
Aromatherapy oils are important in Balinese massage. Balinese massage cannot be considered without herbal aromatherapy oils in order to reduce friction in your skin and to offer a mental comfort with its fragrances. In addition to oils, the atmosphere in Balinese massage is also very important. It is desired that visual and auditory control of your brain should leave your body to relax deeply. Therefore, incense, a light that does not tire the eye and music are preferred for this form of treatment to be more effective.

If we examine the techniques of this treatment method spread all over the world from the eastern culture, we should know that the Balinese massage is a massage method applied to the whole body. After the selection of aromatherapy oils according to your skin type and preference, massage is started at a light tempo. The rest of the body is closed with a thin cover to prevent the temperature difference between the massage areas and the non-massage areas. Although it starts at a light tempo, the muscles are stretched and the body relaxes with strong pressure. Strong pressure impulses are applied more in the back area, shoulder and neck area. The tension of the muscles here is more strained due to the posture and sitting routine and needs to be stretched. Still, the Balinese massage is not a very hard massage type.

The Balinese massage also helps to accelerate the flow of blood through gentle kneading movements in the head area. Therapists apply massage with a combination of kneading, suppressing, squeezing, and rounding movements to enable the flow of blood and energy throughout the body.

Acupressure and reflexology are also important in the Balinese massage. By applying pressure to the specific points of the body with acupressure, it is ensured that the blood flow is accelerated whole body. The Balinese massage, in other words, includes a combination of Acupressure and reflexology massage.

What are the Benefits of Balinese Massage?
The benefits of the Balinese massage;

  • For deeply stretched and knotted muscles, it provides a good relaxation and flexibility. Therefore, it helps to decrease the pain and cramps.
  • The use of aromatherapy oils helps you feel mentally better with their fragrances.
  • The atmosphere in Bali massage is also important. It is expected that your environment will help you to relax your mind in a visual and auditory way.
  • The Acupressure and reflexology techniques included in Balinese massage are aimed at spreading blood flow and thus energy to your entire body and reaching your body’s balance as it should be.
  • Heated body helps to obtain a healthy look and increased blood flow also helps for your skin care.
  • The pressures applied to specific points in the foot and legs are effective in relieving your pain because it activates multiple stimuli in your brain.
  • Head massage in Bali massage is effective in decreasing your complaints like headache, neck pain.
  • When Balinese massage is applied regularly, it has also a positive effect for psychology. Anxiety, stress complaints will be decreased after a good massage session.

Why Should You Prefer Balinese Massage?
Bali massage is one of the best ways to relax a tired body and mind. With this massage, you will feel more energetic, vigorous, emotionally more balanced, physically stretched and higher body dynamism. When strained muscle tissue is stretched, you will notice that you move more comfortably after massage.

With the help of kneading, strokes and finger printing methods, the flow of energy in your body will reach equilibrium. Increased blood flow and circulation of the body caused toxins moved out of your body in a short time and that is why you will feel healthier. Balinese massage will be one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

What is Swedish Massage?
It is important to understand the different types of massage before prefer which one you will choose.

Swedish massage is the classical one that comes to mind when people say massage!

The purpose of Swedish massage is to relieve the whole body with various techniques. It is seen as the basis of other types of massage. Western technique is in the foreground. It involves stretching and stroke techniques by applying intense pressure on the muscles. Various aromatherapy and essential oils are used to reduce friction.

With this massage, the nervous system and skin are stimulated. Therefore, blood circulation is increased, muscle tension is reduced for the flexibility. With the palms, body muscles are aimed directly.

What are Swedish Massage Techniques?
The movement of the Effleurage (stroking movement), which we can see in every massage type, is especially applied in the legs. It is aimed to stretch the muscles and reduce the tension. The aim of therapists in kneading (Petrissage) movements is to take pain in muscles and relax the muscles. Stretching and pulling movements with thumbs using the pressure applied to certain points of the body. It is also aimed to accelerate the blood flow and decrease the tension of the problematic area by rhythmic strokes and rhythmic touches. The lightness or hardness of the movements may vary depending on your complaints and the style of the therapist but, your body structure is much more important. The size of the tension in the muscles, changes in your ability to move, pain and pain threshold are the factors that determine the severity of the massage.

What are the benefits of Swedish massage?
Swedish massage is recommended for body aches, especially during tense and stressful periods. The relaxation of the muscles at the end of the massage, the acceleration of the blood flow and the decrease of the tension in various parts of the body are the best treatment for those who having stressful days. Since the Swedish massage targets all the muscles in the body, your whole body will relax and your muscle aches will ease after massage.

Apart from all these, the benefits of Swedish massage are;

  • It accelerates the blood circulation in the body and helps to relax who have passive in daily routine.
  • It has great effect on skin revitalization as it targets muscles and upper tissue.
  • It helps to remove lactic acid and its derivatives from the body easier.
  • As it accelerates the oxygen and energy flow in the body, it has a positive effect on cell renewal.
  • The people who have sleeping problems may have a better sleep after Swedish massage.
  • Reducing the tension in the body helps in alleviating psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Why Should You Prefer Swedish Massage?
The Swedish massage is a massage that will make you feel good and energetic, both physically and mentally. All movements made by targeting muscles are the basis of all massage techniques. Swedish massage may be soft or hard. It depends on your choice.

Swedish massage should be applied by expert therapists such as other therapeutic massages. Therefore, you can feel relieved and energetic after a massage session suitable for your body and needs. If you have complaints such as muscle spasms and cramps, the Swedish massage helps to relieve these pains.

Apart from all these, if you want to just go away from a stressful day, Swedish massage will be the best answer. Your body deserves this attention. You don’t even have a reason to pamper yourself.

Although nutritional disorders, genetics and many other reasons can cause cellulite, the main reason that cellulite develops is poor circulation. It is caused by problems with blood and lymph circulation and increased toxins in fat tissues. Anti – Cellulite massage is a massage method which is applied in order to reduce and eliminate cellulite and bring the skin to healthy state. This treatment improves blood and lymph circulation and helps fill tissues with purifying oxygen.

How is Anti-Cellulite Massage Applied?
As cellulite is related to the subcutaneous tissue, the most effective solution to increase and accelerate circulation on that area is massage. In this way, the growth of cellulite formed can be prevented as well as the process of disintegration of cellulite is supported. For a quick solution, acceleration of circulation, increased blood flow in the problem area and the hard fat tissues in that region should be made suitable for dissolution.

After the problem areas are targeted by expert therapists, the massage is applied with special oils. Since the purpose of this massage is the cellulite region rather than the muscle region, massage techniques focus of the upper tissue. The circulation in the obstructed regions should be improved in order to increase their contact with oxygen. Through anti-cellulite massage, the blood circulation will accelerate and the level of oxygen transported to the cells will increase. The increased heat in the upper layer of the skin together with the massage will support this process.

Why Should You Prefer Anti-Cellulite Massage?
Cellulite massage is very effective in the healing process by reducing the circulatory problem when applied with expert therapists. When it is applied in a certain routine, it will help to break down the bad layers in the areas with cellulite and will be an effective treatment to prevent recurrence. Cellulite is very common especially in the leg and hip area. The reason for this is that the blood circulation is mostly slow in these parts and the fat tissue is much more intense in this region. This massage aims to accelerate the circulation of blood circulation especially from the legs to the chest.

Benefits of Anti-Cellulite Massage

  • Helps reduce circulatory problems by focusing specifically on cellulitis.
  • As the circulation rate increases, the skin will have a healthier and brighter appearance.
  • It is the most effective supportive treatment of diet and sports in people who are struggling with cellulite problem and increase the efficiency of diet with sports.
  • It is possible to reach a healthy skin tissue in a shorter time when applied with expert therapists.
  • It is an effective treatment to prevent cellulite formation when it is applied in regular intervals.

In today’s conditions, stress-free life is almost not possible. Even if you have no physical discomfort, we all experience stress-induced muscle tension, headaches, stomach and digestive problems. That’s why, anti-stress massage is one of the most effective methods to create a healthier internal balance and physical condition.

Anti-stress massage is one of the most effective methods of relieving stress and its effects and a supportive treatment to prevent stress-related problems in our body. This massage relaxes the muscles and especially the nervous system. It is performed with slow and rhythmic strokes to the head, neck, back and back of the legs. Special anti-stress massage oils help remove all the tension in your body.

Benefits of Anti-Stress Massage
During the anti-stress massage, it is important to make heavy and slow movements to relax the muscles. The aim is to relax the muscle stiffness and relieve the person physically & spiritually. All these makes anti-stress massage a nice experience to reach the inner balance.

Those who experience this massage will feel themselves more alive and peaceful as they will move away from their problems, pains and complaints. Anti stress massage is one of the best decisions to combat the stress as it will bring serenity and dynamism to your body and soul with increased blood flow and muscle relaxation.

Who Needs Anti Stress Massage The Most?
You don’t even have to have any complaints to have an anti-stress massage. Anti-stress massage will be a great choice both if you want to completely renew and pamper yourself, or reward your body by moving away from all problems. On the other hand, anti-stress massage is great for those who are not able to spend time with themselves because of a busy business life, and spend a lot of time at the computer or constantly experiencing work stress and tension in the back and neck.

Stress and its negative physical effects should not be underestimated. You need be able to integrate the methods that will increase your quality of life and fight against stress. Anti-stress massage is an effective treatment method and relaxing solution for these needs. With this massage, negative effects of stress such as stress-induced muscle, blood flow, circulatory and digestive problems will be eliminated and your body will be more resistant to stress.

Aroma Thai massage is the Thai massage method which is applied with aromatic oils. Oil is not normally used when performing Thai massage. Thai massage, the most popular massage of the Far East, is a massage performed with various pressure and stretching methods while you are dressed. Aroma Thai massage is different. After your body is lubricated with aromatic oils that relax you with its fragrances, the movements of Thai massage are applied with expert therapists.

Aroma Thai massage is not as hard as Thai massage as the upper layer of the body is lubricated by aromatherapy oils. It is a massage method that is more sensitive and movement is more continuous.

What Are the Benefits of Aroma Thai Massage?
Aroma Thai massage techniques are similar to Thai massage techniques. Especially when you need more stretching but cannot stand the hardness of Thai massage, Aroma Thai would be the answer. The aroma and the smell of aromatherapy oils also enhance the effect of massage.

It is also easier to maintain continuous movement on the surface of the skin so it is easier to accelerate blood flow compared to fat-free massage types. In this way, the blood flow will be accelerated during the massage and with the activation of the lymph system, the removal of the wastes and toxins from body will be faster.

Another benefit of Aroma Thai massage is giving flexibility for the bodies that are still and not active in the routine life. Since the Thai massage involves techniques for stretching muscles, the Aroma Thai massage uses a variety of these methods to stretch hands, arms, legs, back and neck muscles.

During the Aroma Thai massage, the upper layer of the body will be heated with the effect of oils. Thanks to this heat, the muscles will be affected more quickly by massage and the tissues under the skin will be more easily stretch.

You will realize the dynamism and energy of your body with different massage techniques of Thai massage and you will realize every pieces of your body. Especially during the massage with back and forth and right-left movements around the joints, you will feel more vigorous than ever before.

Aroma Thai massage should be applied by an expert therapist. This type of massage, which is unique to its movements, should be applied correctly.

Medical massage reduces tension relieves aches and pains existing be providing a total relaxation and serenity. Most of the people suffer chronic back pain, due to hunching for extended hours in front of computers, carry heavy loads that exceed their capacity, sitting and sleeping in impropriate positions. Over the time all of this issues lead to muscle strain, stiffness, and nodes. This massage applied to person problem helps to loosen the muscles and relief from the pain.

Medical massage is result oriented. That’s why the massage technique is focused on outcomes that are measurable. The aim is completely therapeutic and applied for relieving stress and pain. Medical massage is directed by a professional massage therapist who understands the client’s needs in the first place. Medical massage is related to overall wellness of the guest. After the guest’s condition is diagnose, the massage is provided for improvement of condition.

Benefits of Medical Massage
There are many benefits of Medical Massage as It is originally formulated from a diagnosis from an expert. It can also prevent problems like acute headache treatment, sprains, neck and back pain, bad posture.

Medical Massage Therapy relieves nerve compression. It focuses on the areas that has pain in the body and reduces the pain. It helps to improve blood and lymphatic circulation. This gives the body both detoxification and rejuvenation.

Additionally, medical massage reduces the degeneration risk on joints and disks. As it releases muscles tension and spasm, it helps to decrease pain and inflammation. Medical massage relaxes nerves and muscles and give the body the ultimate relaxation.

What is Deep Tissue Massage?
Deep tissue massage is a type of massage applied to people with strained muscles and muscular hardening, where the massages such as Swedish massage and balinese massage are inadequate, targeting deep tissue and applying more severe pressure in the skin layer.

It provides relaxation of the muscles and tissues, and is used to treat the pain in these areas by stretching.

In deep tissue massage, tempo will be low and pressures will be strong. The movements are applied more slowly because the pressure is stronger. It is an ideal massage for people who like hard massage or people who can relax only with this type of massage.

In the body, contractions and stiffness are seen in the muscles and tissues due to stress, immobility or wrong movements. This can turn into complaints such as pain in those areas and the level may increase over time that can affect the daily routine.

Deep tissue massage is an effective treatment for these symptoms. Deep tissue massage should be applied to problems such as arthritis, joint pain, physical complaints caused by cold exposure. It is especially recommended for people who have chronic pain.

Feel Eased With Deep Tissue Massage
Whether you are a person who goes gym, has an active life or who is still and spend a large percentage of the day engaged in the work in front of the computer; it may be inevitable that you are suffering pain for different reasons. False movements, poor sleep, stress-induced physical pains can also affect your blood circulation and may cause pain that may disturb you in long term.

Deep tissue massage is a massage technique that can eliminate these problems. After massage, stretching in the muscle and tissue will make the person feel more relaxed and away from the pain.

It is the most effective massage therapy for muscles and tissues, and can alleviate a variety of compliants.

Relaxing Effects of Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage is an effective method to remove toxins from the body. Increased blood circulation and stretching of muscle tissue will be the first step for the removal of accumulated toxins in the body.

With the aim of increasing the dynamism of your body with slow and hard pressures, the cells will be fed more richly in oxygen and you will notice a remarkable beauty with your skin.

You will feel more energetic with increasing energy flow in the body.

When your body physically reaches its natural balance, it will make it easier for you to reach this balance psychologically and your mind, which is busy with stress and anxiety, will relax,too.

If you have complaints such as chronic back pain, high blood pressure, muscle fatigue after sports, muscle tension, stress and anxiety, you should give deep tissue massage a chance.

Head massage is perfect for balancing your energy from head to toe. Head massage stimulates the right spots around your head and provides effective relief. It is also very effective on removing chronic headache and stress from the body. Head massage is also recommended to prevent headaches, especially during the detox process.

Ideal for Managing Detox Headaches
Detox and getting used to a new nutrition plan can cause headaches. Headaches usually occur as a reaction in your body when the ingredients that your body is used to are missing or changing. At the same time, hormones and the detoxification of harmful substances from your body may cause headaches. Therefore, head massage will be the right choice to relieve the headaches that may be seen during the detox process.

Benefits of Head Massage
Head massage is applied with special massage techniques by expert therapists to the important stimulating points in the head. The relaxing effect of the aromatic oils will make you feel better during your massage session. This massage, which is applied from your head to your neck removes the tension, stress and relaxes the muscles. It also increases blood circulation and distributes the bad energy collected around the head.

Stress, fatigue, anxiety and negative thoughts mostly effect your head. Some of the most important acupuncture points in the body are located in the areas of the head. Head massage focuses on pain points in these areas. Accessing to this points during head massage leads to increased blood flow and relaxation in various areas of your body.

Muscle jam around your neck can cause both pain and fatigue. When this massage is applied to the head and neck, it also relieves the pain caused by intense working and bad posture.

An ancient Turkish tradition, scrub and foam massage is the most commonly used and effective massage technique to refresh your skin and remove all dead cells. Exfoliation, considered the initial phase of the Turkish bath (hamam) tradition, is used to make the body become more purified and cleansed after an intense perspiration. Exfoliation helps remove all dead cells from the skin’s surface, clear clogged pores and make skin smoother.

Why Try a Scrub and Foam Massage?
Our body system constantly creates new cells and refresh our cells. This rate is higher at younger ages but as we get older, together with our metabolic rate, the rate of regeneration decreases.

When cells are renewed, the dead cells accumulate in the upper layer of our skin. The purpose of scrub and foam massage is to peel of the dead skin layer, so our skin can breathe comfortably and look healthier. If our skin cells are not open, this can cause problems such as acne and wound.

Your skin gets scrubbed to eliminate all dead skin with the help of a natural organic pouch during the scrub and foam massage. On the other hand, the massage is applied to the skin during to increase blood flow and revitalize your skin. The foam massage is done after the exfoliation. During this massage, the whole body is covered with natural and fragrant soap bubbles.

Benefits of Scrub and Foam Massage
It is known that regularly applied scrub and foam massage provides a lot of benefits for your skin and gives it a radiant and healthy look. Scrubbing the whole body helps your skin to breathe and your fed with oxygen.

This treatment helps to prevent stain problem due to sun during summer. It is difficult for our skin to breath during winter as we get dressed thick and closed. The prerequisite for a healthy skin is that skin to breathe easily. This can be achieved by having scrub and foam massage at regular intervals. Skin problems such as acne and inflammation, and problems in the hair follicles can decrease by a good scrub and foam treatment. After scrub and foam massage, you will feel refreshed by your skin’s bright and healthy appearance!