Bali Aromatherapy Massage

Bali Aromatherapy Massage is a traditional massage that was invented in Bali. This massage practices rhythmic, vigorous strokes using both elbows and forearms work to release tension and enhance flexibility. This therapy is traditionally known for its attributes of increasing metabolic rate. By incorporating the aromatic oils like cinnamon and Ylang-Ylang you will experience a surge in energy and benefit from the elimination of bodily toxins that is a natural by-product of this therapy.

The history of the Balinese massage with aromatic oils is very old. It was first seen in Indonesia, but became popular after Bali became a popular tourist destination. Scented based essential oils, which we call Aromatic oils, that contain herbal essences as a result of physical processes by extraction of plants, are indispensable element of aromatherapy massage.

What makes this massage therapy very relaxing are aromatic and essential oils added to massage oil and lotion. The aromatic oils used in this massage are are 100% organic and natural. This is a great combination of benefits of a massage and the healing oils. During Bali Aromatherapy massage, you can inhale calming essential oils through your nose. This evokes your senses while calming you. These essential oils are also absorbed through the skin during the session.

Benefits of Bali Aromatherapy Massage
Each of the aromatic oils used in this massage has different healing effects. While some of them makes you feel calm, other ones can increase your energy.

The main benefit of Bali aromatherapy massage is reducing stress. With the help of aromatic oils, stress and negative feelings will be removed from your body after this massage session. It helps to balance your body, mind and soul in harmony. Our therapist also pressures the right points of your body to relieve tension and improve circulation. Having a better circulation helps other parts of the body to become healthier.

Rhythmic, vigorous strokes using both elbows and forearms stimulate the flow of blood and increase oxygen around your body. This massage is applied with gentle and bitter strokes to relieve strained and stiff muscles. It can help relax the muscles around the neck and back and prevent pain. This massage also helps reduce fatigue and improve the quality of sleep as it triggers feelings of relaxation.