Balinese Massage

The Balinese massage is a holistic massage method that targets the entire body and deep tissue together. At the same time, Balinese massage helps the mental healing as well as physical treatment. This unique massage method of Eastern culture has gained its current form by feeded from India, China and South Asia. The aim of the massage is that you feel as good as you can. The herbal oils used during the massage are similar to those of ancient India’s Ayurverda massage techniques. Although the techniques and practice of the Balinese massage are very old, the records of Balinese massage techniques began to be recorded only 100 years ago.

What is Bali Massage and What are its Techniques?
Aromatherapy oils are important in Balinese massage. Balinese massage cannot be considered without herbal aromatherapy oils in order to reduce friction in your skin and to offer a mental comfort with its fragrances. In addition to oils, the atmosphere in Balinese massage is also very important. It is desired that visual and auditory control of your brain should leave your body to relax deeply. Therefore, incense, a light that does not tire the eye and music are preferred for this form of treatment to be more effective.

If we examine the techniques of this treatment method spread all over the world from the eastern culture, we should know that the Balinese massage is a massage method applied to the whole body. After the selection of aromatherapy oils according to your skin type and preference, massage is started at a light tempo. The rest of the body is closed with a thin cover to prevent the temperature difference between the massage areas and the non-massage areas. Although it starts at a light tempo, the muscles are stretched and the body relaxes with strong pressure. Strong pressure impulses are applied more in the back area, shoulder and neck area. The tension of the muscles here is more strained due to the posture and sitting routine and needs to be stretched. Still, the Balinese massage is not a very hard massage type.

The Balinese massage also helps to accelerate the flow of blood through gentle kneading movements in the head area. Therapists apply massage with a combination of kneading, suppressing, squeezing, and rounding movements to enable the flow of blood and energy throughout the body.

Acupressure and reflexology are also important in the Balinese massage. By applying pressure to the specific points of the body with acupressure, it is ensured that the blood flow is accelerated whole body. The Balinese massage, in other words, includes a combination of Acupressure and reflexology massage.

What are the Benefits of Balinese Massage?
The benefits of the Balinese massage;

  • For deeply stretched and knotted muscles, it provides a good relaxation and flexibility. Therefore, it helps to decrease the pain and cramps.
  • The use of aromatherapy oils helps you feel mentally better with their fragrances.
  • The atmosphere in Bali massage is also important. It is expected that your environment will help you to relax your mind in a visual and auditory way.
  • The Acupressure and reflexology techniques included in Balinese massage are aimed at spreading blood flow and thus energy to your entire body and reaching your body’s balance as it should be.
  • Heated body helps to obtain a healthy look and increased blood flow also helps for your skin care.
  • The pressures applied to specific points in the foot and legs are effective in relieving your pain because it activates multiple stimuli in your brain.
  • Head massage in Bali massage is effective in decreasing your complaints like headache, neck pain.
  • When Balinese massage is applied regularly, it has also a positive effect for psychology. Anxiety, stress complaints will be decreased after a good massage session.

Why Should You Prefer Balinese Massage?
Bali massage is one of the best ways to relax a tired body and mind. With this massage, you will feel more energetic, vigorous, emotionally more balanced, physically stretched and higher body dynamism. When strained muscle tissue is stretched, you will notice that you move more comfortably after massage.

With the help of kneading, strokes and finger printing methods, the flow of energy in your body will reach equilibrium. Increased blood flow and circulation of the body caused toxins moved out of your body in a short time and that is why you will feel healthier. Balinese massage will be one of the best gifts you can give yourself.