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How to Supercharge Your Health Through Biohacking?

Thanks to rapidly developing technology, finding quick answers to our changing health needs has become easier. It is impossible to deny the negative effects of our modern world on our bodies. With the development of technology, it is possible to raise awareness about the changes in our bodies, research them, and produce solutions to be healthier. We can intervene in these awarenesses and produce solutions. Moreover, the solutions we can produce are diversifying day by day.

Did you know that by getting to know your body better, you can stay fit and healthy for longer with different methods? Are you aware of the concept of biohacking, which has developed in the light of science and developing technology and whose name we have started to hear more often in recent years? Let’s take a look at this concept together!

What is Biohacking?

Biohacking is a method that optimizes all the components and functions of the body faster and more effectively. Biohacking is a way to optimize your health and performance through interventions that have been around since ancient times and still provide people with strategies to improve their health.

We can say that biohacking includes methods that allow you to make small changes in your health and lifestyle. Recently there’s been more technological approaches using devices to make these changes easier on you. This method, which includes biological interventions and is becoming more and more common today, includes dietary changes and different natural therapies.

Well, you may be wondering why we need biohacking. The main reason is that we are already negatively hacked by toxins, processed food, society standards, stress etc. We all drift away from our bodies at their best for different reasons. And, of course, it’s only natural that we want to win it back. At this point, biohacking can help you.

Biohacking is actually a way of re-hacking your system to return to the healthy basics of human nature. We can also mention that biohacking has been one of the best methods to increase your quality of life in recent years. It is one of the best ways to better health and performance because we cannot leave our necessities to live and survive in society anymore, such as living in nature, only eating organic food, and sleeping anytime we need.

Biohacking, one of the best ways to interfere with certain changes you want to make in your life, allows you more control over your body. That’s why it is the quick and effective way to improve sleep, reduce stress, improve focus, boost happiness hormones, reduce weight, improve blood flow and lymphatic flow, and reduce pressure on your body, joints etc.

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How Can You Supercharge Your Body with Biohacking?

Biohacking can be defined as the re-hacking of our biology. Surprising our bodies through biohacking can effectively eliminate the many health problems that the modern world brings us. Biohacking is a method that positively affects your body in different areas, from effective weight loss to improving brain functions, which is considered to have a very positive effect on a long and healthy life. To get good results from biohacking, it is important to know your body’s needs well; it is worth mentioning. Do not forget that you need experts to identify these needs with the support of an expert and to support you in learning and to apply biohacking types for your needs. You know, it is always important to evaluate technology’s possibilities for a healthier life and quality of life.

A Look at Emerging Trends in Biohacking Therapies

There are several emerging trends in biohacking applications, such as auditory therapies, vibrational therapies, and frequency-based treatments, to improve overall health and wellbeing. But many of these treatments are not easy to find around anytime.

Recently, there have been more technological approaches using Biohacking therapies to make these changes easier for you at TheLifeCo Wellbeing centers. These Biohacking therapies can help fasten the results of your healing progress. Let’s look at some of the most effective and popular Biohacking therapies.

jasmin brunner sensate therapy


Sensate, a mental biohacking therapy option is one of them. Sensate is a device that uses the natural powers of audible and tactile resonance to calm your body’s nervous system. It sends vibrations to trigger the vagus nerve, the longest nerve of the autonomic nervous system in the human body. These vibrations, similar to the purring of a cat, help the body’s nervous system recover from daily stress. Using Sensate provides faster relaxation and stress relief than breathing therapy or other mindfulness activities.

zero gravity bed

Zero Gravity Bed

One of the Biohacking methods is Zero Gravity Bed. Let’s discover the zero gravity position: Regarding sleep or relaxation, the zero gravity position essentially saves your body from the pressure of its weight. As your spine’s vertebrae are no longer compressed, tension gets relieved from your hips, and your raised knees take the pressure off your lower back. Zero gravity bed stimulates the womb and cuts the gravity and pressure. Thanks to the zero gravity bed, you balance body heat with the atmosphere you are in by using water.



The BioCharger NG is a health optimization device designed to transmit energy that invigorates the entire body by stimulating cells to improve overall health. Although every cell in the body has a tiny electrical current flowing through it, this flow and energy can become unbalanced over time, leaving cells stressed or unhealthy. The BioCharger NG restores the natural electrical frequency of all the cells in the body by using various forms of energy.
Brain Tap


The BrainTap headset creates a perfect balance of sound, music and spoken word to help you achieve the ultimate brainwave training and relaxation. Its innovative neuro-algorithm helps you achieve emotional stability and mental harmony – and, best of all – experience the joy of higher states of consciousness. BrainTap’s light frequencies let you reach the most advantageous brain states possible without years of disciplined meditation practice.

multipass ozone therapy

IV Therapies

IV Therapy is one of the biohacking methods that we can say will rejuvenate you. Intravenous infusions can deliver 100% efficacy of the vitamins and minerals given and the dosages can be increased significantly. Oral supplementation has less efficacy due to the physiological processing of the digestive system and the concentrations of vitamins and minerals available in the oral form is quite low and quite limited.

IV therapies help replenish your body with hydration and nutrients and increase your energy level. They also fasten your detoxification progress from free radicals (Especially Vit C).

Turbosonic Vibration

Turbosonic Vibration Therapy uses sonic waves of different frequencies (like sound waves – that triggers the lymphatic system and muscles by using vibrations, giving you the same effect of a 1-hour exercise in a short time (like 10 minutes). Supports muscle strength and burning calories.