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Lose Weight on Trampoline

Make your day! Jumping is one of the funnest and easiest ways to strengthen your health. A couple of minutes passed jumping on the trampoline will give you so many benefits like strengthening your immune system, getting rid of your extra weight, cleansing your body, as well as doing a good quality exercise. Just jump! You will be happy with its results.

Helps you lose weight
Jumping is one of the best exercises to burn the extra fat. Jumping on a regular basis enables to burn calories just like cycling and swimming do. Jumping stimulates the lymph system so that it gets easier to eliminate the toxins and acidic wastes coming out due to the activation of the metabolism as a result of exercising.

Increases the energy
Rhythmic jumping keeps the big muscle groups working, regulates the rhythm of heart by accelerating the respiration and circulation. The fact that the circulation accelerates increases the body’s energy level  and provides it with vitality by increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrition carried to the cells.

Protects joints
Jumping is a beneficial, safe and a mildly effective exercise. Jumping on a trampoline makes the workouts more safe and easier compared to the same kind of exercises performed on a firm ground  since it decreases the stroke effects felt on the joints down to a minimum. For this reason, it is a very beneficial exercise against joint problems and back pains.

Supports detox
Jumping amazingly helps the body clean itself. Our lymphs are not pumps just like the heart; for the lymph circulation to be stimulated, gravity and muscle motions are needed. A rhythmic jumping on the trampoline enables both. When the body temperature increases, we start sweating and in this way, our body refines from the acidic wastes. By the concentration of the big muscle groups, the oxygen which alkalizes the body is carried to all tissues, stimulates the organs on the paunch, and supports and eases the transition of the solid wastes.

Strengthens the immune system
Most of our immune cells are carried by the lymph system. Strengthening the lymph circulation increases the activities and dynamism in the whole body, helps our body fight infections and diseases.

Improves and calms the nervous system
With the jumping motion, in other words, with the up-and-down rhythmic motions, we connect to our body better, we get more awareness of it; our sense called ‘skin-duyu’ is awakened. Jumping is also a sters-enhancer; repetitive jumps will get you into kind of a trans position, thus you get relaxed.

How long should you jump?
Start with 5 minutes of sessions and gradually increase depending on your fitness. Start with 3 sessions a week and make it up to 3 sessions a day and work out for 15 minutes per sessions. It will take you only a few minutes to strengthen your health.

Suggested exercises
The purpose is not only to jump as high as you can but also to do various rhythmic motions which will be beneficial for you. Do different motions to strengthen your coordination, balance and endurance.

Soft jump: the jumping motion which beginners jump slowly on the trampoline surface without cutting their feet.

Walking, running: walking and running motion done by pulling the knees up once get balanced on the trampoline.

Twist: the right-n-left jumping motion in a position where your feet is turned to a certain direction while your upper body is turned to the opposite direction.

Jumping jacks: adaptation of a classical motion known as ‘motion jack’ to the trampoline, which you jump with the legs and the arms wide open to the sides. It is an advanced motion and develops the muscles and the cardiovascular strength and better protects the joints for it isn’t done on a stiff ground.

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