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Natural healing can help you in so many ways, from overcoming diabetes, to supporting weight loss and even detoxifying the body.

Phuket, Thailand – November, 2015 – At The LifeCo Well-Being Center in Phuket, our flagship center, we are offering a number of new programs with special discounts prepared specifically for you.  Enjoy our well-being programs, which focus on your cardiovascular and immune system; we even offer programs that are specifically designed to boost your energy.

If you are interested in detoxing your body, cleaning your system from inside out, we offer a number of juice or nutrition programs and protocols to help you feel better!  We guide you from pre-detox to after the detox, giving you the tools you need to succeed.

Grand Opening Offer
We want you to experience natural therapies. We offer a 360° holistic approach that includes anti-ageing and well-being therapies, preventative treatments for chronic diseases and cancer, pampering and beauty treatments, as well as spiritual therapies, all in the same complex.

Whether you are looking to de-stress, lose weight, sleep better, heal, or just live a healthier life, we can help.  We also offer programs to help treat depression, anxiety and chronic pain.

Our grand opening offer is a 30% discount on our programs, so that you can experience all that natural healing can do for you!  Schedule your appointment at The LifeCo Phuket Well-Being Center today, and see what a difference natural healing can make in your life.

Supportive Programs for Diabetic Living
The supportive program for diabetes works to educate you about the disease, while learning to adjust your lifestyle to incorporate more detoxifying practices at home. For example, you will learn how to nourish your body from the inside out, how to integrate yoga into your daily healing practice, how to adapt your home life so that you stay healthy once you return, and how to even to improve your sleep while improving concentration.

The diabetes programs run from 7 to 21 days – dependent upon your needs.  With our program, you will lose weight, have more energy, and you will learn how to regulate your blood sugar naturally.

About The LifeCo:
The LifeCo provides a 360 approach to holistic living and is the only well-being healthcare and disease prevention support center in Phuket, Thailand.  Their customized programs include anti-ageing, and well-being therapies, preventative treatments for chronic diseases, pampering and beauty treatments and spiritual therapies in the same complex.

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MD, Internal Medicine Specialist, F. X. Mayr Specialist

Hasan İnsel

Dr Hasan İnsel is the Senior Advisor for Digestive Wellness Programs of TheLifeCo. He and his experienced MEDIGEN Team organize digestive Wellness Programs, including applications such as Applied Kinesiology, Abdominal Restoration, Cognitive Eating, and Havening-‘Healing the Mind’. Dr İnsel is the founder and president of Turkey-based MEDIGEN (Medipol University Genetic Diagnosis Center) and the founder of Michigan-based ‘International Association of Physicians for Healthy Living LLC’. He is a founding board member of the Vienna-based ESAAM-European Preventive, Regenerative and Anti-aging Medicine Association and a member of the WAAAM-World Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr İnsel has graduated from the Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul University. He became a Certified Specialist in Modern F. X. Mayr Medicine by the Austrian Medical Chamber.

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