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Water Fasting Fundamentals

Water fasting has been going on for at least 5,000, 6,000 years that we know. The Bible mentions it, and in almost all other spiritual practices you’ll find that people water fast. Water is pretty unique and but the question is why we should water fast? Why would someone water fast? What’re the benefits of a water fast? Well, it’s the only cure handed down by nature. Why do we say that? Because every creature when they’re sick stops eating and drink just water. They don’t drink a lot but enough to keep them hydrated, and they may rest until they’re well so that that’s the universal cure.

So why should we water fast?
Well when we look at what people call disease; what it really is, is basically the body’s response to an accumulation of toxins and those are toxins could have accumulated in the liver, the heart, coronary arteries etc… but they accumulate all over in the joints wherever they’re accumulating and then the body needs to adapt to that. That adaptation is what we call a disease whether it’s diabetes, hypertension or cancer. It doesn’t matter what it is. If that’s what is the underlying etiology the underlying cause then clearly clean up and do it now!

How do you clean it out? Well, you can do a juice cleanse, you can do clay and lemon or all sorts of things where you can do the ultimate king of them all is water. Our body is seventy percent water, and it needs water seventy two percent plus and it decreases as we age because we become dehydrated at around the age of 20. We are thirsty and knock on the head turns that into hunger. When we drink water what’s happening is that, our body needs glucose. It has to have glucose! After 72 hours we use up all the stored glucose in our body. It takes about 72 hours and during those first three days, those early 72 hours is the hardest part of a water fast.

Why are the first 72 hours the most difficult in Water Fasting?
That’s the part where your appetite is fighting you. It’s screaming! It’s very subtle as we said as you get past the first 72 hours, the body starts living on fat that’s how we can then measure it. We look at so-called ketone levels by finger sticks. Three different ketone molecules are breakdown products of fat and used for energy. The body takes fat, breaks into ketones, and uses it for energy. By measuring the ketone level, we’re able to see how much fat we have and how and if we’re genuinely not on a glucose diet. We look at glucose and ketones and if your glucose is high and your ketones are low; what do we learn from that? You’re still eating or still consuming glucose or it’s the first three days of the water fast, so ketone built up is not enough yet. After day four of the water fast we should see the glucose go down and the ketones go up. In prolonged water fast we’re going to see glucose go up again because your body’s now eating non-viable pathological tissues that you are happy about so you like to get rid of those stuff. The ketone we look at ketone levels and ideally during ketogenic diets, we look to get the glucose to ketone ratio at less than 1.0. That always happens with water fasting.

A water fast is the ultimate renewal
Just keep that in mind the benefits are the same as when you go to sleep at night you go to sleep, you’re tired, you’ve had a long day and your Energy is depleted. It’s like you’re blessed by the sleep, the next day you get a new beginning, a new chance. You’re renewed and water fasting is the ultimate renewal. Basically when you’re not eating, your body is not needing to process whatever you’re doing. It cleans house; you wouldn’t think of driving a nice car, like a BMW without changing the oil at least every three months. Same thing if we don’t change our oil, we don’t rotate our tires and yet we expect high performance. It’s irrational anyway that’s the fundamentals of a water fast. The reason why we a fasting detox do it and who should do it? Look to the person to the left of you and the person to the right to you and the person in back of you and the person in front of you and then look in the mirror and you’ll see we all should do it.

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