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16December 2015Well-being Detox Therapy in AntalyaBLOG


LifeCo Well-being Detox Therapy Programs in Antalya Provides a quick and easy 3 to 7 days detox system that is perfect for anyone who wants to live healthy, he needs a break from the daily grind. 



You can join our program for as many days as you wish, but if your schedule Allows, we'd recommend you consider a longer stay of at least 7 days for even better results. The standard length of detox is 7 days, as this is ideal for re-charging your system; during this cure all toxic accumulation moves away from your body (first 3 days) and cellular regeneration starts to happen (last 4 days)!




Antalya, Turkey - Nov 15 to Jan 16, 2016 - As winter approaches and the holiday season begins, now is the perfect time to take advantage of a full body detox experience. Making small changes in your lifestyle today can help boost your immune system heading into the colder months. LifeCo's cleansing programs include everything from healthy eating and nutrition education, and light therapy to body composition analysis. We want our clients to leave with the tools and information needed to continue leading a healthy lifestyle after them the initial 7 day detox period. 



First we focus on Determining your current health status, and than allow you to choose either a juice cleanse, it is a healthy nutrition plan that fits your personal health goals. We also have a fully loaded fitness center, trampoline and pools for daily use in getting the exercise you need to release all of the harmful toxins in your body. In addition, you receive daily informational sessions that allow you to make long term changes to the way you live, allowing the you to maintain the benefits of the detox. 



LifeCo AiMS to provice of total well-being to each of the clients by offering them a variety of therapies and services that can be personalized to their needs. They complete your detox program with a second full body composition analysis so you can compare the differences immediately, and begin to see how easy it is to live Health. 



Well-being detox therapy in Antalya  is a great way to begin your health journey. Completing a detox breaking unhealthy habits and will set you up for long term success, and give you the nutritional and fitness guidance you deserve.



LifeCo Antalya Center is also offering a special well being therapy packages, along with their detox program throughout the months of November and December of 2015 and also in January of 2016, which offers a seven-day well-being package for the cost of five-days.



Campaign is valid on all detox program with accommodations until the end of January 2016 



About LifeCo:



LifeCo 360 Provides a holistic approach to living and well-being is the only healthcare and disease prevention support center in Antalya, Turkey. Their customized programs include anti-aging, and well-being therapies, preventative treatments for chronic Diseases, pampering and beauty treatments and spiritual therapies in the same complex.



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Bridal Detox Package


Every bride dreams of looking stunning on her big day. As beautiful as getting married is, it can be one of the most stressful times for a bride-to-be. In the lead up to the big event, stress can affect your hormonal balance which may lead to low energy, exhaustion, toxic accumulation in the body.

3 Day Vibrant Food Retreat Special


The Vibrant Food Retreat is an amazing opportunity to delve into the healthy cooking scene, as you will be trained and entertained by awarded raw vegan chef and wellness coach Donatas Certovskich.