Body Composition Test

What is Body Composition?

Body composition is a way to describe what the body is made of, like body water, minerals, fat and protein of the body.

What does the Body Composition Test Measure?

Body Composition Test at The LifeCo is measured by a digital scale named the Tanita. The Tanita scale monitors bring you fast, accurate body composition results using by measuring and calculating your weight, BMI (body mass index), fat mass, fat percentage, water percentage, water mass, and basal metabolic rate.

Body analysis scale can give you a true insight into your inner health and can show the impact of any weight loss program when monitored over time.

Why Body Composition Test is Necessary?

The ongoing epidemic diseases in adults and even children are often related to being overweight and obesity. Therefore, it is important to understand body fat levels through Body Composition Test to prevent short-term and long-term health problems. 

Scaling of body composition prevents the dangers that can come from having low body fat, high body fat and low muscle mass. It is vital to have a healthy balance between your fat and muscle to reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes, cancer, fatty liver and cardiovascular problems.

How Often Should Your Body Composition Measured?

There is no rule about how often you should check your body composition. If you are participating in a detox or healthy nutrition program, it is recommended to have your body composition assessed before and after your program.