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The LifeCo Approach to Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a metabolic “disease” meaning that it is the result of an altered metabolism and not the result of mutations in the genome. The mutations that are found in the genes of tumors are the result of the new metabolic requirements, not the cause.
In 1931, Dr Otto Warburg was awarded the Noble Prize for his discovery that cancer is the result of impaired cellular respiration. That means that the cells are no longer able to use oxygen to burn glucose in order to produce energy and therefore must rely on a very primitive form of energy production called fermentation, or glycosysis...This is the way that many micro-organisms produce energy. The consequence is that certain genes are “turned off” and others are “turned on” to accomodate this new requirement. The genes that are “turned on” are called ‘oncogenes’, while other genes are “turned off”, call ‘tumor suppressor genes’.

How we handle cancer at The LifeCo Phuket

Reducing Toxins is Crucial

The essence of integrative oncology and The LifeCo’s approach is to restore the cells ability to use oxygen, which involves reducing the amount of toxins responsible for the damage, while providing the elements (nutrients) necessary to rebuild and restore healthy functioning.

Nutrition is a Major Factor

Since fermentation requires 19 times more fuel (glucose, or sugar) to function, cancer cells change their enzyme systems so that they can extract more glucose from the environment. Hence, it is not a suprising statement that nutrition is a major and quite essential focus of the treatment process.

The LifeCo Phuket

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The Professional Medical Team of The LifeCo Phuket

The LifeCo have joined a long time friend and colleague, MD. Thomas Lodi, an integrative oncologist to develop one of the most comprehensive, truly holistic cancer centers in the world. By merging expertise from various and most required fields to optimally function by the principles of integrative oncology and the ‘do no harm’ philosophy, The LifeCo’s new haven of cancer treatment, immune recovery, disease management and wellness/detoxification, promises the ideal team and resources for your healthcare. The Cancer care department is led by Dr.Thomas Lodi and applied professionally by a team of nurses, practicioners, therapists, detox consultants, psychologists and a medical doctor.


Meet Dr. Thomas Lodi

Over 30 Years of Medical Experience

Dr. Thomas Lodi at The LifeCo

Thomas Lodi has been practicing medicine since 1986 for over 30 years. Prior to attending medical school, Dr. Lodi practiced as a clinical psychologist during which time he was director of psychological services for a 240 bed in patient facility in Hawaii. After graduating from the University of Hawaii, School of Medicine in 1985 Dr. Lodi served as a visiting Clinical Fellow at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City where he also underwent training in Internal Medicine. From 1991 to 1996, Dr Lodi was appointed as Clinical Instructor of Medicine at the University of Hawaii, School of Medicine. For the first ten years of his medical career, Dr. Thomas Lodi worked in conventional settings as an internal medicine specialist, urgent care physician, and as an intensivist in ICU and CCU departments of various hospitals. Subsequently, Dr Lodi continued his search for more effective and less toxic therapies by training around the world from Japan to Europe to Mexico and all around the US. Although he occasionally sees patients with a variety of medical conditions, Dr. Lodi, has narrowed his scope of practice through specific training and extensive experience over the past 15 years to Integrative Oncology (caring for people with cancer). Dr. Lodi has been featured in The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Juice Fasting, by Steven Prussack. Thomas Lodi combines the best alternative therapies with the best conventional ones. Dr. Lodi is also currently practicing his profession in Thailand, Phuket at The LifeCo.


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