Deep Tissue Massage

What is Deep Tissue Massage?
Deep tissue massage is a type of massage applied to people with strained muscles and muscular hardening, where the massages such as Swedish massage and balinese massage are inadequate, targeting deep tissue and applying more severe pressure in the skin layer.

It provides relaxation of the muscles and tissues, and is used to treat the pain in these areas by stretching.

In deep tissue massage, tempo will be low and pressures will be strong. The movements are applied more slowly because the pressure is stronger. It is an ideal massage for people who like hard massage or people who can relax only with this type of massage.

In the body, contractions and stiffness are seen in the muscles and tissues due to stress, immobility or wrong movements. This can turn into complaints such as pain in those areas and the level may increase over time that can affect the daily routine.

Deep tissue massage is an effective treatment for these symptoms. Deep tissue massage should be applied to problems such as arthritis, joint pain, physical complaints caused by cold exposure. It is especially recommended for people who have chronic pain.

Feel Eased With Deep Tissue Massage
Whether you are a person who goes gym, has an active life or who is still and spend a large percentage of the day engaged in the work in front of the computer; it may be inevitable that you are suffering pain for different reasons. False movements, poor sleep, stress-induced physical pains can also affect your blood circulation and may cause pain that may disturb you in long term.

Deep tissue massage is a massage technique that can eliminate these problems. After massage, stretching in the muscle and tissue will make the person feel more relaxed and away from the pain.

It is the most effective massage therapy for muscles and tissues, and can alleviate a variety of compliants.

Relaxing Effects of Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage is an effective method to remove toxins from the body. Increased blood circulation and stretching of muscle tissue will be the first step for the removal of accumulated toxins in the body.

With the aim of increasing the dynamism of your body with slow and hard pressures, the cells will be fed more richly in oxygen and you will notice a remarkable beauty with your skin.

You will feel more energetic with increasing energy flow in the body.

When your body physically reaches its natural balance, it will make it easier for you to reach this balance psychologically and your mind, which is busy with stress and anxiety, will relax,too.

If you have complaints such as chronic back pain, high blood pressure, muscle fatigue after sports, muscle tension, stress and anxiety, you should give deep tissue massage a chance.