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Detox Holiday

Detox holiday is a type of holiday where you join a detox program in a pleasant environment with daily activity and therapy options. During a detox holiday, you can eliminate toxins and harmful substances accumulated due to unhealthy lifestyle habits and environmental factors.

Detox holiday you can plan at TheLifeCo

Looking for a detox holiday and want to devote time to your health? TheLifeCo Bodrum welcomes you with a comprehensive approach to educating and encouraging you to achieve a better quality of life.
With its 5-star hotel facilities, TheLifeCo Antalya offers you one of the most relaxing experiences on your health journey. The center’s knowledgeable nutritionists and program coordinators will work with you to design the best detox and nutrition plan for you.
With its award-winning programs, alkalizing juice detox program and the most detox holiday, TheLifeCo Phuket center offers you effective detox diets.
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Master Detox Program has been awarded as the World's Best!

The World’s Best Master Detox Program is worth looking into if you are interested in losing weight, lowering your cholesterol levels, losing inches off your waistline, and feeling more energized than ever before.

Detox program at Antalya
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We offer 6 different meal plans to choose from, all of them are providing healthy food options including vegan food, juicing programs and water fasting. Our signature treatments during the health retreat such as body treatments, sessions with personal trainers, activity time such as morning walks, afternoon yoga sessions in addition to daily yoga sessions.

We have a total of 23 massages offered at our centers including but not limited to: Deep tissue massage, Foot massage (reflexology), Aromatherapy massage, Full-Body massage, Scalp massage, Balinese massage, Swedish massage and many more to assure quality time during your spa experience. 

Our customer care team will process your request with no additional booking fees. Time of booking might affect the cost of the programs. Our team will also guide you towards how to make the most out of our spa resorts. You may be provided with a room with beautiful views at the resort spa.

If you are looking for a place where you can relax and unwind, then a wellness spa resort is the perfect choice. It offers a wide range of services and a variety of treatments that help you achieve your goals. They also provide a relaxing environment where you can enjoy the beauty of nature.

It is not easy to change the eating and behavior habits that we have acquired over the years. Detox vacation or detox holiday is a concept where you can change these habits with healthy eating habits and learn about detox and healthy nutrition.

Detox is an effective nutrition program that provides quick results in the short term by removing toxins and edema from the body. Supporting the body’s detox system by turning to the right foods helps get rid of toxins and lose healthy weight.

Toxins may damage certain of your faculties when they collect in your system over time. Most individuals suffer from weariness, memory problems, sleep problems, eczema, or depression. When toxins are removed from your body, these feelings disappear. For this, you can enjoy the detox holiday by contacting TheLifeCo centers.

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TheLifeCo approach focuses on a transformation that originates within you. Through proper guidance from our team of experts, you will realize a holistic change and be equipped with the right tools and mindset to cope with life. We are always here to support you.