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How to start eating normall after a detox holiday


You should understand that everyone's body has its own level of health, diet history, tendencies, eating and emotional habits. No one yet knows the entire truth on nutrition. We are all still learning. Listen to your own body.  If within 30 minutes after eating you feel tired, you most likely ate the wrong food, or too much.

Breaking your cleanse can have more impact on you and your health than the cleansing diet itself. Your system is in a purified state, treat it gently. These quidelines for returning to eating, will let your detoxification work at maximum level.


Day 1

• Morning: raw fruit or vegetable juice - repeat as often as like, but only when hungry

• Lunch: salad and/or vegetable juice

• Dinner: veggie soup or slightly steamed vegetables.

• Drink plenty of alkaline water

• DON'T eat processed food for a few days.

• You may continue vegetable broth as desired


Day 2

• Morning: fruit or fruit juice - repeat as often as like, but only when hungry

• Lunch: salad*  and/or soup

• Dinner: steamed vegetables with sauce of your choice, you may add a little steamed brown rice.

*Salad, with cucumber, cabbage, onion, tomato, lettuce, sprouts. For a sauce, you can mix raw apple cider vinegar, olive oil, honey, garlic, basil.


Day 3

• Stick with fruit, salads slightly cooked vegetables and plenty of alkaline water and juices.  

• Plenty of raw, uncooked fiber type foods are best.

• You can start to have breakfast (tomato, cucumber, goat cheese, wholegrain bread, etc.) also you are free to use nuts, walnut, cachew, dried fruits etc.


Day 4

• Legums can be added in your diet (peas, all types of beans, chickpea etc.)

• Whole grain bread, rye and oats are preferred, wholewheat and white bread should be avoided.


Day 5

• You can start to consume dairy products and meat and the easiest that can be digested is fish.

• Step by step you will be on the track of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Should you be a little constipated we suggest you take either some Flora Grow capsules, psyllium husk with water, cayenne, senna herb laxative tea or a liver flush drink. If that doesn't work, try another colema. If you want to do your colema at home, buy a travel kit.