Doctor Consultancy

About Doctor Consultancy

Doctor consultancy is the service of a complete physical examination and/or private consultation to diagnose any health problem you may have. This process will help you meet with your expectations regarding different aspects of your problem. Thus, you can focus on the root of the problem with the most accurate method in order to eliminate the problem you are experiencing.

Doctor Consultation Before Starting a Detox Program

Having a doctor consultation before starting a detox program can make you aware of your pre-existing conditions. It is important to understand and manage these conditions before they potentially hinder your healing success. Right detox or healthy nutrition program that is recommended by your doctor could enhance your overall health in the long run.

Doctor Consultancy at The LifeCo

As The LifeCo, we work with experts to understand the needs of each guest correctly and to approach them with a holistic approach to health. 

Whatever is your main motivation, meeting our doctors on-site and having an initial consultation will help you understand the triggers of your problem. Only then you will be able to focus on what is necessary and you get treatments suggested during your doctor consultation. You can reach your doctor for everything you need during your program.