EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

What is EFT Therapy?
Emotional Freedom Technique or known EFT therapy is an alternative therapy directed at the individual’s physical aches and emotional distress, created by Cary Graig. It is a form of therapy that does not require any equipment or drugs.

What is the purpose of EFT and how does it applied?
The thought underlying this therapy is the negative feeling and pain caused by the deterioration in energy.

Clogging in our energy system causes us to emotional stress, limits our behavior and makes us lose our harmony with life. This therapy helps us to find the emotional intensity, the source of the disturbances and the emotional obstructions experienced by the person are tried to be opened.

During EFT therapy, the specific problem can be detected by touching the fingertips with the needleless acupuncture method. The cause of the problem is determined by focusing on the negative emotions and reactions in the person and eliminating the emotional problem caused by the negative.

Why Should You Try EFT Therapy?
EFT therapy allows the person to begin a positive change. It has been scientifically proven that in many individuals,where other therapies are not beneficial, they create distinctive positive effects.

The person relaxes quickly and this continues for a long time after the therapy. There have been positive developments in people who have problems such as depression, anxiety, physical pain and insomnia after they participated in EFT therapies and up until now.