Visiting Therapist, 23 – 28 July We live in a society that strives for “perfection” and people often feel the pressure to look or perform in a certain way, while relying on the opinion of others. The dominant narrative is often one of stress, anxiety, hopelessness, and low self-esteem, especially among vulnerable individuals. This is a fertile ground for the development of an addictive personality. This course examines the key features of the addictive personality, while enhancing competence in dealing with unwanted experiences and generating new insights, which are life-enriching. It will help participants to develop a greater sense of forgiveness and acceptance for themselves and others. They will learn new tools and strategies to initiate a path of self-discovery and appreciation for life, while releasing pain, grief, anger, shame and the addictive behavior. Schedule: Day 1 11.00-11.30 Introduction to the course : Day 2 11.00-11.30 Overcoming the addictive mind In this session, the talk will explore the nature of the Addictive Mind. We will look at the underlying neurobiological mechanisms of addictions, such internet, social-networking, gambling, shopping, exercise, among others, and their underlying motivations. While referring to the results of the Corazza’s research in the field, we will address the gaps between recovery and healthy living. Day 3 11.00-11.30 Self-image and the use of enhancement drugs Are you satisfied with the way you look? Are frequently thinking about it? In this session, we will focus on the body and explore how this becomes objectified when a person is affected by an addiction. We will explore the concept of body-image and related addictive behaviors. Attention will also be paid to risky body enhancement practices and the use of performance and image enhancing drugs. Day 4 20.00-20.45 Meditation Day 5 11.00-13.30 Finding a life purpose Participants will be provided with an opportunity to explore the meaning of their lives and become more confident in employing new strategies to enjoy the present moment, while embracing their unique mission in life. Day 6 20.00-20.45 Meditation Dr Ornella Corazza, MA, PhD is an Associate Professor in Substance Addiction and Behaviors at the Centre for Clinical & Health Research Services, University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom. Previous appointments include Fellowships at the University of Padua, University of Bochum, University of Tokyo and Sapienza University of Rome. She is author of over hundreds scientific publications and various books, including the award winning Near-Death Experiences: exploring the mind-body connection (Routledge 2008). Dr Corazza established a leading-edge addictions’ research group, which has been recognized and prized at the international level. She lives in London, where she regularly practices yoga and Zen meditation.
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