Visiting Therapist, June Inspirational speaker and trainer Michelle Schonfeld will be at The LifeCo Bodrum with various private sessions that include energy healing, meditation, chakras & breathing, self love and mindfulness. You can take private sessions with Michelle Schonfeld and join any therapy session that you prefer such as heal the body, meditation, mandala painting, mindfulness walk! Private Sessions: Energy Work and Well-being Medium Level, suitable for everyone
  • Healing and Body Scan. This is an energy healing and targeted guided session, focused on bringing awareness to where healing is needed. It is designed to help release and heal using the power of the mind-body connection. Customized for one-on-one targeted personal healing.
  • Energy Clearing. Designed to release anxiety and clear unhealthy thoughts and energy, leaving you feeling lighter, happier and relaxed. Session will also include optional instruction of quick and easy techniques to release anxiety or stress in any situation.
  • Chakras & Breath. Session explains in a simple, easy to understand way what chakras are, what they do, and how to breathe correctly. Includes a guided Chakra clearing and healing suitable for everyone.
  • Tapping (EFT) and Cord Cutting Instruction. Explains what these are, how they can help you release negative thoughts, balance your emotions, improve self worth, and heal from unhealthy connections. Includes instruction session of each.
Energy Work and Well-being Light Level
  • Abundance & Grounding Guided Meditation. This is a wonderful longer guided visualization that is designed to balance, relax and refresh, with candles, aromatherapy and sound. It includes 7 layers of grounding, receiving light energy, releasing anxiety, sharing gratitude, embracing love, manifesting abundance and healing.
  • Self-Love Meditation. This is a fun, creative and healing guided meditation that helps to improve body acceptance, self worth, and increases your over all feeling of wellbeing. Even non-meditators like this one.
  • Sun Salutation & Mindfulness Walk. A light awareness walk, helping you to relax your mind and be in the moment. Includes a restorative beach guided sun salutation.
  • Nidra Rest & Restore. Similar to Yoga Nidra, this is a relaxing guided meditation performed in savasana (lying down) and best practiced in the evening. Improves body awareness, sense of wholeness, quality of sleep and promotes healing.
Magic of Mandala Learn the ancient meditation of Mandala and let your creativity flow. Class includes Mandala drawing instruction and the magical story behind it. Easy Flow Mindfulness Walk & Beach Meditation Mornings only because it’s the only time when the beach is peaceful. Quiet mindfulness walk through the lush local village of Turkbuku to the seaside, followed by a sun salutation guided meditation designed to clear and restore. Michelle Schoenfeld: Michelle Schoenfeld is an inspirational speaker who inspires audiences to tap into their own life’s purpose and find what motivates them in order to live a more abundant, productive, and happy life. She integrates real life relatable experiences and mindfulness into her high energy and engaging presentations. Audiences leave feeling energized, optimistic, and motivated to take action in improving their lives and the world around them.
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