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Cleanse After Self-Isolation

In these times we are self-isolating to protect ourselves and our loved ones. During self-isolation, reasons such as being physically inactive, not getting enough sunlight and fresh air are adversely affecting our physical and mental health. It is the time to get rid of fat and toxins accumulated in our body.

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Cleanse Your Body and Boost Your Immune System

Reasons such as being physically inactive, not getting enough sunlight and fresh air are adversely affecting our physical and mental health. It is the time to get rid of fat and toxins accumulated in our body and improve your physical and mental health against new threats. As The LifeCo, we are here to provide you with our 15 years experience of boosting the immune system naturally. Boost your immune system against potential new threats.

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Stay Safe and Healthy

We invite you to a life-changing program you deserve. At The LifeCo Bodrum, you can enjoy your time in the comfort of your home, without being exposed to the outside world. We organise our daily activities by following social distance rules and prepare our healthy nutrition programs untouched.

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Deal With High Blood Pressure

Chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, type 2 diabetes not only decrease your quality of life, but also become risk factors for acute viral infections. After you join an effective detox or healthy nutrition program at The LifeCo centers, you will be able to manage your chronic diseases and increase your resistance to acute diseases.

What is Included at The LifeCo Bodrum?


Detox or Healthy Nutrition Plan

Doctor Consultation (1 session)

Detox Consultation

Body Composition Analysis (2 sessions)

Daily Oxygen Therapy

Daily Turbosonic Vibration Therapy

Daily Biophoton Therapy

Daily Luminette Light Therapy

Daily Colon Cleansing

Healthy Lifestyle Lectures (3 x week)

SPA, GYM, Swimming Pool

Daily Yoga & Meditation Classes

Raw Food Workshop (1 x week)

Morning Walks

Choose Your Center

You can join any detox or healthy nutrition program at The LifeCo Bodrum or TheLifeCo Akra Antalya.

Flexible Dates

You can choose your dates when you feel ready and change them at least 14 days before your trip.

Stronger Immunity

You can invest in your health by adding supportive therapies and IV applications to your detox program.

What do our guests say about us?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • This campaign is only valid for bookings for standard rooms at The LifeCo Bodrum and Antalya in 2020.
  • The total amount of the reservation is required as down payment.
  • This campaign is non-refundable. Your payment can be evaluated for any booking during 2020.
  • Your travel dates must be confirmed at least 14 days before your stay.
  • This campaign is valid for accommodation and detox programs. For healthy nutrition programs other than Master Detox, Green Juice Detox and Green Salad Detox, a daily fee of 15 Euros will be charged.
  • You can book for as many days you want during 2020 under this campaign.
  • You can also request price information if you want to book for long stays (14 days and more).
  • You can take advantage of our campaign for your family, friends and loved ones and book for them. If you do, please share the information of guest who will be staying during the date confirmation after booking.

If you have decided the number of days you will stay, you buy now with a great price and choose your dates when you want. Your dates of accommodation must be in 2020.

Kitchen and Restaurant

  • Staff who serve or work in the kitchen and restaurant use protective masks and protective gloves.
  • We use ozonated water to wash fruits and vegetables.
  • Food at our center is prepared in hygienic conditions and regularly controlled for the approval formalities Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

Juice Bar

  • All drinks and shakes are prepared by our staff using protective masks and gloves, and served in glasses with ceramic lids.
  • Juice Bar is disinfected hourly and our staff are ensured to comply with the personal hygiene requirements after each service.


  • Our rooms are cleaned with hydrogen peroxide after each checkout.
  • We ensure our housekeeping team to use protective masks and protective gloves while cleaning.
  • Hourly cleaning operations at our center are shared transparently with our guests on a schedule.


  • Our clinical areas serve up to 4 guests at the same time. Routine therapies such as Oxygen, Biophoton and Luminette are applied with an appointment system.
  • Nurses use protective masks and gloves while working.
  • Our clinical areas are cleaned and sterilized daily.


  • Vehicles that we use for airport arrival transfer are regularly cleaned and sterilized. Our drivers wear a mask during the service.


  • We follow social distancing rules during activities such as yoga, meditation and morning walk and regularly cleaned the sports equipment used.

Reservation Request