Head Massage

Head massage is perfect for balancing your energy from head to toe. Head massage stimulates the right spots around your head and provides effective relief. It is also very effective on removing chronic headache and stress from the body. Head massage is also recommended to prevent headaches, especially during the detox process.

Ideal for Managing Detox Headaches
Detox and getting used to a new nutrition plan can cause headaches. Headaches usually occur as a reaction in your body when the ingredients that your body is used to are missing or changing. At the same time, hormones and the detoxification of harmful substances from your body may cause headaches. Therefore, head massage will be the right choice to relieve the headaches that may be seen during the detox process.

Benefits of Head Massage
Head massage is applied with special massage techniques by expert therapists to the important stimulating points in the head. The relaxing effect of the aromatic oils will make you feel better during your massage session. This massage, which is applied from your head to your neck removes the tension, stress and relaxes the muscles. It also increases blood circulation and distributes the bad energy collected around the head.

Stress, fatigue, anxiety and negative thoughts mostly effect your head. Some of the most important acupuncture points in the body are located in the areas of the head. Head massage focuses on pain points in these areas. Accessing to this points during head massage leads to increased blood flow and relaxation in various areas of your body.

Muscle jam around your neck can cause both pain and fatigue. When this massage is applied to the head and neck, it also relieves the pain caused by intense working and bad posture.