Hot Stone Therapy

During this unique therapy heated volcanic stones are applied to the body. The stones are placed where they can be most effective during the massage. The heat increases heart rate and breathing, enhances the elasticity of body tissues, accelerates metabolism and stimulates oxygen transfer to cells.

How is the Hot Stone Massage Performed?
Specially selected basalt stones are heated to a reasonable temperature and brought to a degree that the body can tolerate. Afterwards, these stones are placed in certain chakra regions of the body. When the massage starts on the heated area, blood flow and muscle relaxation happen much faster and more effective.

After the stones are placed, the heated areas on the body respond more to the massage with aromatherapy oils. Body relaxes and blood flow quickly increases with the application of kneading, squeezing,shaking and various intensity presses. Increased blood flow reaches more cells and thus oxygen is delivered to more cells. On the other hand, the hot stones placed in certain regions protect their temperature throughout the massage and prevent the cooling of these areas and decrease of the flow. This helps to keep entire body flow synchronized. As the body does not cool, the massage becomes more effective.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage
It has been proven by many studies that the heat is good for rheumatism, muscle and joint pain and also chronic pain. Thus, hot stone massage is very beneficial. The optimum temperature and positioning of stones are one of the most important factors. The stones which are outside the chakras or placed at the wrong points will not have any extra effect during the massage. Therefore, this massage should be performed with experienced expert therapists. Otherwise, you may experience problems such as scars or burns on the skin.

The placement of stones in special chakra points at the appropriate temperatures forms the basis of the hot stone therapy. You will feel the massage movements more precisely thanks to the temperature. Therefore, the signals sent to the person’s brain will be more effective during this experience. The stimulation of the body with both temperature and massage movements will relax the person more. It is also believed that volcanic stones have the healing power of. Combination of massage, temperature and the energy of special stones will make the person feel better, alive and fit.