Lifestyle Change Retreat
with Ersin Pamuksüzer

October 4-10
in Bodrum

7-Day Lifestyle Change Retreat

This Lifestyle Change retreat is designed to help you take a break, rethink and restructure your lifestyle routines and change existing habits. During this 7-day retreat, you will realize many things including the way we live our lives in the 21st century and how it is so different from what nature has intended for us. Moreover, you will learn how you can achieve optimum health and increase overall wellbeing through experts of TheLifeCo Wellbeing.

4-10 October

@TheLifeCo Bodrum

Limited Capacity

Why you should attend this retreat

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Personalized Solutions

Healthy Vegan Kitchen

Mental Wellness Support

Natural Therapies

Healing Environment

Medical Experience

Daily Flow of the Retreat

07:00                Mindfulness Walk

09:30-11:00      Yoga

11.00-12.00       Informative Lectures on the Following Topics:

Healthy Living in the 21st Century


Emotion Regulation

Distress Tolerance


Disease Management

15:00                Meditation

16.00–17.00     Workshops, Meditations and Group Discussions on:

Habit Change


Radical Acceptance

Mindful Eating Tips

Validation / Assertiveness

Loving & Kindness Meditation

*The schedule may be subject to change.

*You can benefit from other services available at the center in your free time.

About participation and host

Retreat Host: Ersin Pamuksüzer, Founder of TheLifeCo Wellbeing

After 20 successful years in the fast-paced business world, Ersin started looking for a new way of living. He joined his first detoxification program in 2002 and started continued exploring holistic health and wellbeing philosophies around the world.

Retreat Fee: 350€ for 7-Days

Daily Attendance: 100€

Supporting Team

Dr. Bedreddin Ulusoy

TheLifeCo Wellbeing Bodrum

Michelle Schoenfeld

Inspirational Speaker & Trainer

Gonca Yarımer

Program Manager

Fazıl Alaşahin

Raw Vegan Chef

Sash Behnam

Yoga Instructor

Hande Anadolu


Detox and Meal Plans You Will Experience During the Retreat

Each plan serves a different purpose. You will be assisted by our doctors and program coordinators to pick the best option for you.  

The most effective and quickest solution for cleansing and weight-loss. Best Detox Programme of 2018 at World Spa Awards

An instant alkalization boost for your system. Ideal for nourishing the body with nutrients and enhancing the immune system

For anybody who wants to allow their digestive system to rest, cells to renew and get rid of toxins. You eat for 6 hours and rest for 18

A transitional program and a kick-start to healthy eating. Ideal as preparation for master detox and transition afterwards.

A nutrition plan which the body gets all its energy from plant and protein-based fats. It is also used as an effective therapeutic diet

For those who want to leave their daily dietary routine and lose weight in a healthy, long-lasting way. Raw can be delicious as well!

Our friendly team will inform you about the retreat and save a spot for you