Lymph Drainage Massage

What is Lymph Drainage Massage?
Manual lymph drainage is a massage that helps reduce edema before and after clinical surgeries and get rid of lines resulting from pregnancy. It is also used to shape and firm the body as a weight loss therapy.

This is a gentle massage that focuses on the body’s lymphatic system to activate the circulation of lymphatic fluid and stimulate the immune and parasympathetic nervous systems. The results include reduced swelling, detoxification, tissue regeneration, and many other benefits.

Faster, better and longer-lasting results can be achieved when combined with Electro Lymphatic Therapy, TurboSonic Vibration Therapy, and Bodyter.

Why Choose Lymph Drainage Massage and How is it Applied?
Waste in the body is collected in a normal healthy lymphatic circulation and removed from the body by urine. However, if this system does not work properly, the circulation of the lymph is also disrupted and sometimes clogged since the wastes cannot get away from the body. In this case, the formation of edema in the region causes a poor circulation and different complaints.

A bad flow in the lymphatic system and edemas in the body can show symptoms such as pain, numbness and swelling by showing itself especially in arms and legs. A very large percentage of people who experience this problem also have cellulite problems as cellulite is a lymphatic circulatory disorder . Therefore, lymph drainage massage is a very important type of massage and treatment for relieving these problems and complaints.

The lymphatic circulatory system under the skin layer is targeted by lymph drainage massage methods. During the massage, movements aim to penetrate the tissue. Kneading, squeezing, pressures of various severity are applied for the acceleration of the circulation at the points where this flow is blocked and removal of these blockages. The expert therapist can apply this massage locally according to the person’s complaints. This way, the lymph circulation will be accelerated and the wastes that cause the edema and swelling will also be removed more easily from the body.

When the waste and toxins are not removed from the body, it causes problems in the skin layer along with edema. Acne and pimple problems can be caused by the lack of proper functioning of the lymph circulation system. On the other hand, This is an effective massage method for the people with weight problems, hormonal imbalances and menopause.