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Most Efficient Anti-ageing Diets Around the World

“Forever young, I want to be forever young…”

Listening to these words from Alphaville’s song echoing in your mind, you may not even notice that you’ve got another wrinkle today.

Sadly, it might be because you ate French-fries yesterday. And the day before yesterday. And the day before that.

What you see on your plate today determines who you’ll see in the mirror tomorrow.

You do want to remain beautiful and young, inside and out, longer, don’t you Anti-ageing diets, tried-and-tested globally, may become your proven toolkits to conserve beauty and even eat yourself into a later grave.

What’s an Anti-ageing Diet and Why You Should Try It

Let’s face it – stopping your cells and body systems from wearing out is quite a challenge, from the scientific point of view, because progressive damage to them due to use is a natural and irreversible process. However, there are some tricks that can help you enjoy your youthfulness longer.

What if we told you there’s a sure-fire recipe to extend your life expectancy to 100+ years?

Anti-ageing Diet Explained

Anti-ageing diets mostly boil down to: a) certain nutrients that influence lifespan and contain high levels of antioxidants for promoting skin cells’ health; b) foods that decrease the incidence of age-related diseases; and c) nutrition-oriented methods that prevent over-usage of body systems.

Dieting itself has become one of the fitness and nutrition trends. See below why anti-ageing dieting, in particular, is a go-to in every corner of the world.

Valuable Advantages of Anti-ageing Diets

Dietary routines aimed at anti-ageing are highly beneficial in a number of ways, in addition to the fact that they contribute to weight loss:

  • They enhance brain function.
  • They help support a healthy skin membrane reversing the signs of ageing like sagging skin or wrinkles.
  • They eliminate blood sugar fluctuations.
  • They reduce the risk of diseases (hypertension, cancer, neurological and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and more).
  • They lengthen your life expectancy considerably.
  • They change your nutrition habits for the better, gradually.

Looking fresher, staying youthful and living a longer and healthier life – isn’t that what everyone wants?
There are tons of dieting plans to suppress the processes of growing wrinkled, old-looking, and diseased. Which one to pick? Continue reading and weigh the variants successfully adopted worldwide.

vegan diet plans

Scientifically Proven Diets To Switch Off Pro-ageing

Consider the top diets to hack ageing that will do this job efficiently for you.

Keto diets

A high-fat-low-carb principle is the basis of a ketogenic diet. A nutritional intake, in this case, is typically 70/20/10, so that a dieter is supposed to consume 70% of fats, 20% of protein, and 10% of carbohydrates from total daily calories.

A ketogenic eating pattern helps repair damaged cells making them younger. It improves memory and slows down ageing, achieving the stability of brain networks.
Moreover, it can also boast of powerful effects on cancer prevention.

You can opt for a highly-efficient ketogenic program that complies with your specific needs.

Intermittent fasting diets

An intermittent fasting program implies controllable eating and fasting periods. As a rule, it takes from 14 to 18 hours to fast.

A guided fasting diet lessens burden on the digestive and detoxification systems, restrains their exhaustion, modulates the energy balance, and stimulates cellular stress resistance, according to the research.

Here’s a list of the most popular intermittent fasting types:
● The 5:2 diet
● The 16/8 method
● The eat-stop-eat plan
● The one-meal-a-day diet
● Spontaneous meal skipping
● Alternate-day fasting

Many people refuse even to try such dietary methods, because they have certain daily food rituals they can’t simply stop doing. Like coffee addicts, for example.

If you’re the one, here’s some good news for you – it turns out you can drink zero-calorie coffee while intermittent fasting. Coffee intake has an anti-ageing effect, on top of that.

Detox diets

Over-abundance of toxins in your body is a cause of oxidation and cell damage. They make you age faster.

Detoxing is a vital tool at this point, as it assists your natural detoxification systems (kidneys, liver, skin, and colon) with flushing toxin waste out of your body.

People around the globe have been increasingly accepting a detox diet as a method for skincare, because skin health and eating habits are closely linked.

The following three detoxes have demonstrated the greatest results:

● Juice cleanse
● Green salad detox
Water fasting

Don’t forget about pre-detox and after-detox cleanses as significant constituents of an all-embracing detox program.

Vegan & vegetarian diets

Did you know that vegans and vegetarians live profoundly longer than meat-eaters?

Roughly, 10 years – for men and 6 years – for women. They also have a 15% lower risk of all-cause mortality.

You don’t necessarily need to be a vegetarian or vegan, though, to put a plant-based dieting practice into effect, beginning with the minimal approach and making 50% of each meal veggie-based, for instance.

Vegan foods contain a lot of Vitamin C (watercress, sweet potatoes) and enough protein (quinoa, peanuts, beans, lentils, broccoli). Include some vegan keto recipes with green leafy vegetables and garlic into your ration. The latter has strong anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory effects, based on the study.

Alternatively, apply for a well-balanced therapeutic program based on raw vegan nutrition.

Mediterranean diets

These are the so-called “longevity diets”.

A Mediterranean-style diet, with or without calorie restriction, is an ultimate longevity solution. It eliminates the risk of heart strokes and heart attacks, Type II diabetes, dementia, and cognitive decline with brain-healthy foods traditional for Mediterranean regions:

● Olive oil
● Fruits & vegetables
● Fish
● Nuts
● Spices & herbs
● Wine
● Legumes & beans

The Mediterranean herb garden is rich in herbs for fighting stress. Anxiety disorders and depression are associated with accelerated ageing. In this case, herbal and organic supplements can discourage stress-wrinkles, inflammation, and skin ageing.

What’s the Best Time for an Anti-ageing Dietary Plan and How To Manage It

Adopting an anti-ageing approach and dieting according to an optimally chosen plan at the age of 20 increases the duration of life by 11 years for women and 13 years for men, science says.

Don’t worry, though, if you have gone far beyond that threshold. The research suggests that you may still add 8 years to your lifespan, even if you begin in your 60s.

It’s never too late to start following an anti-ageing diet plan. The key points here are which one to choose, how to stick to it, and how to manage it successfully.

It’s never an all-or-nothing solution. To delay ageing and prolong life, it’s necessary to select a reasonable dietary regimen, suitable specifically for your wants, needs, and preferences. You have seen the most useful ones in this article. Don’t wait till your body is utterly covered with wrinkles – slow down the ageing speed now.

Feel younger and look younger too, trying a rejuvenating diet under the guidance of experienced medical professionals at TheLifeCo.