Omega 3 Index Test

What is Omega 3 Index Test?

Omega 3 Index is a test that measures the amount of Omega 3 and its ratio to Omega 6. It assesses your omega-3 status and gives you a percentage to see if there is a risk factor. Even it is not commonly known by many, low omega-3 levels are associated with health risks.

Why Omega 3 index is important?

The body needs an ideal omega-3 level to function optimally in every stage of life. It is important to know your Omega-3 Index to prevent developing diseases. An omega-3 index of 8% or higher is healthy. When it is lower than 8%, especially around 4%, it is a risk factor to develop a disease, like heart disease.

The Omega-3 Index test measures of the amount of EPA and DHA in the blood. As a result of the determinations, if there is inflammation in the body, intake of good fats needed for the healthy heart and brain functions is advised.

How is Omega 3 index test performed?

The blood sample is taken intravenously and the necessary directions are made by the facility doctor and dietician according to the results.

How often it should be applied?

Omega 3 Index Test is recommended once in 6 months.

Who should have Omega 3 index test test?

It can be applied safely to everyone. It is advised to everyone who wants to know how healthy they are.