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Weight-Loss Programs at The LifeCo

Being over-weight is a very common condition nowadays and it lays its foundation to many other illnesses. It is thought that the factors that trigger weight problems are life-style choices, consuming processed foods, and reduced physical activity. However, with a proper diagnosis and some lifestyle changes, excessive weight can be shed. While improving your lifestyle, the most important factors are a proper diet, the right exercise program and stress management.

  • You Will not Feel Hunger
  • Professional Staff
  • Doctor on Site
  • Several Workshops
  • Private Beach
  • Spa and Gym Facilities
  • Outdoor Pool Options
  • Additional Therapies
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Spending just two weeks detoxing at The LifeCo can make guests experience true wellness. Try a special integrative healing programme and feel the difference yourself. You are expected to lose a lot of weight and take a new step towards a new life



I visited The LifeCo Antalya and Phuket. In Antalya I joined a master detox program and lost excess weight and dropped most of my medication for high blood sugar, high blood pressure and reduced my alcohol consumption. I also tried Phuket and was amazed by how beautiful and peaceful it is over there. You won't be disappointed. Michael,UK

*The amount of weight loss may depend on gender, total weight, medical condition, age and other criteria

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Change Your Environment, Focus on Yourself, Start the Change

Importance of Cleansing

The LifeCo aims to help you achieve effective and long-lasting results in a short period using a holistic approach, including methods such as natural and alkaline nutrition programs, personalized exercise programs, yoga, meditation, breathwork and mind detox. Due to long time accumulated toxins in our bodies and the immense amount of processed and un-digestible foods as well as low quality carbs and sugar in our diets, most of us are facing problems about our weights and overall physique.

Working on Weight Loss

Losing weight is a process of optimizing lifestyle through fixing the diet, eating habits and daily movement habits that requires a strong will and dedication. The LifeCo is offering their expertise to everyone who is looking for ways to lose weight in a natural and healthy way, through the application of detox and healthy nutrition programs, natural treatments and therapies that accelerate and boost the weight loss process, as well as diet consultations and workshops that enables guests to understand how to apply the knowledge they’ve learned here, in their very own lives.

Weight Loss Package

The Weight Loss package of The LifeCo is designed for those who are after a more advanced procedure for even more dramatic results in their weight control journey. Those who get the weight loss package will be going through different detox and healthy nutrition programs throughout their stay and will be receiving many extra treatments and therapies that aims to cleanse and nourish the body on a more advanced level, to trigger healthy weight loss. The aim of the weight loss program is to cleanse the body off of the heavy toxic burden to reduce weight of the individual gradually, as well as nourishing the body with clean nutrition and promoting daily activities like infrared sauna and turbosonic vibration therapy to accelerate the weight loss process.

Following Services are Included in the Program (Each Center's Treatment List May Vary)

  • Accommodation
  • Doctor Consultation (1 Session)
  • Body Composition Analysis (2 Sessions)
  • Live Blood Analysis (1 Session)
  • Detox program
  • Daily nutrition plan
  • Foam & Scrub Massage (1 Session)
  • Thai Massage (1 Session)
  • Venus Slimming Treatment (3 Sessions)
  • Lymph Drainage (3 Sessions)
  • Colon Hydrotherapy (2 Sessions)
  • Ozone Sauna (3 Sessions)
  • Daily Oxygen Therapy
  • Daily Turbosonic Vibration Therapy
  • Daily Bio-Photon Therapy
  • Daily Angel of Water Therapy
  • Daily Yoga / Meditation (2 Sessions)
  • Diet Coaching Session (2 Sessions)
  • Unlimited use of Spa & Fitness  
  • Daily Morning Walks

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